Wednesday, July 28, 2010

a list.

I haven't blogged in so long. We just got home early this morning, and I was far too busy on my "vacation" to blog.

I know. Bad. Oops.

I have a zillion things to blog about. But until then (tomorrow?), I'll let you know what I have been up to:

  • riding back to VA in a monsoon. So much rain that our Jeep was sliding on the road in 4WD.
  • unpacking all of our baby gifts and putting her room together. photos to come.
  • falling more and more in love with the Moby Wrap. Mark's in love too.
  • realizing, yet again, that newborns are much easier to take care of than toddlers. or older children, for that matter
  • cleaning our entire house - we're both nesting, I think
  • uploading photos to Facebook like it's my job!
  • ordering our FuzziBunz cloth diapers - along with two hemp inserts and Rockin Green detergent -- I'm beyond excited
  • buying our daughter's Christmas presents. in July. because there was a gigantic sale.
  • coping with pretty severe back pain - thanks to the 12-hour car ride back home
  • dealing with odd nausea that comes and goes.. ? I blame it on the third trimester.
  • mentally thinking of how I will blog about my trip. so much to say. no really. a lot to say.

I'm so exhausted :)


  1. it was SO good to see you!! Glad to hear that you made it home safely, can't wait to see all the pictures to come of sweet A's room and all her "stuff" (especially her name on the wall that Lauren painted) I was telling Em that baby showers are awesome, but it's just as much if not more, fun to put everything away in baby's room... I hope you had a great day!!
    Love ya!

  2. Glad you had a good trip! The fun part of a baby shower is getting all of the gifts home and putting them in their "spots" in the baby's room:)

  3. I clicked on your blog through another - love how excited you are about baby. I just read about your nausea. I started to get it again in the third trimester, and it was blood sugar related. Did you do the test for gestational diabetes? Even if you didn't test positive, it may be worth mentioning to your ob, just to be safe. :o) Take care of yourself, and I love the color of your Moby!