Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Dear Baby,

You sure like to make yourself known these days. On a regular basis, you like to practice gymnastics in my belly and find it amusing to make my entire belly shake and move. Daddy likes to watch you roll around and do flips - and he likes to feel you even more! Your two most favorite things are sermons at church and when I lay down on my back -- then you're guaranteed to move!

You make my ribs feel bruised and sore, and I feel like my stomach just can't get any bigger (although I know it will!) And my hips? Why, I had no idea that hip pain & pregnancy go together like peas and carrots (or something). At night, I flop around like a fish -- but luckily, Daddy and Piper sleep like the dead, so they never notice a thing!

Sometimes (okay, quite often), Daddy likes to stop me, grab my belly, and talk to you. He calls you "Addie Paddie" and likes to tell you that he loves you. It's the cutest thing I've ever seen. My belly button is almost no longer a hole, and we think it's a pretty funny sight!

Dad & I agree that our marriage has never ever ever been better than now! :) It's the most fun time in our lives, and we are sooo in love and happy to be together! We talk about you every single day and daydream about what you'll be like. I think you'll be born with light brown (nearly blonde) hair, and I think you'll look just like your dad. He has no idea what you'll look like, but he hopes you inherit my curls!

We're about three months from meeting you, and I wish time would slow down! At times, I really want to meet you now, but I also want to get everything ready for your arrival. We looooove you and are looking so forward to sleepless nights, lots of spit up, poopy diapers, and endless snuggles :)



  1. Shannon thats so sweet! I love how you write her letters! Are you going to print them out and put them in your scrapbook? I think that will be aweosome! I love how you write her! I should do that. I've thougth about it, just haven't gotten around to do it yet. Shannie you're going to be an awesome mommy! :)

  2. Yes! Well, I'll hand-write them and put them in her little scrapbook :) Which reminds me -- I really need to get busy with that thing!

  3. Ahhh I still need to print ours off our blog for E, I'm such a slow-poke!

    This is darling. I can't wait to meet A! And OMW "Addie Paddie" is the cutest little "nickname" ever!

  4. This made me cry Shannon lol. P.S. My pup's name is Addie and that's what Darren calls her all the time "addie paddie" We even have a xmas ornament with a picture of a doxie on it that looks just like her and we had addie paddie put on it lol. Love it!

    Kristin Fryer