Friday, July 23, 2010

on being home in Kentucky.

Oh, sweet Kentucky. We've missed this state so much. Is it the lack of traffic in town? The sweltering humidity that causes me to be in a constant state of wet (dripping wet)? The wonderful low prices of gas and food?


But I think it has a little something to do something with:

I know. It's hard to believe that the child in my arms is Sprout. My little 6-week old love.

Clayton is growing up majorly. He got this "idea" in his head that I could come "play" with him at his friend's house. We had to explain that his mother would probably think it was a tad weird if an adult (me) came over to play with her son. [Note: In June, he admitted that he told this same friend all about me (Aunt Shannie) and insisted that his friend was "dying" to meet Shannie. I'll admit - it does make my heart melt completely that my oldest nephew, and first love, talks about me to his friends. Sigh.]

Hudson is now to the point where he can say anything. Although his "Mark" sounds a little like "Mike." Since he listens to his older brother speak, he has the most extensive vocabulary (and slang) for a nearly-2-year-old that I've ever seen. He is weary of Piper and when I first saw him yesterday, he said "SANNIE!" with a huge smile. And, yes, my heart melted.

Graydon is my little monkey/koala bear baby. He's super sweet, and my sister does not "style" his hair. It just sticks up on its own; it has a mind of its own :) He makes sweet noises and now smiles when you talk to him. He makes lots of baby squeaks and likes to be held close to my chest. Again, it makes my heart melt.

And I promise all this heart-melting isn't from the Kentucky heat ;]

^Maya Wrap!!
Note: ring slings are hard to adjust, for me.

Yesterday was full of one thousand "Shannie's" - out of the mouths of my babes - and lots of playing. Lots of playing Spongebob Operation, baby-holding, picture-taking, Bible-reading, and divvying up my time equally between the three boys. Which is hard to do.

I was so exhausted last night that my eyes were closing. But this morning I am rejuvenated and ready to babysit, relax with my family, and attend the wedding rehearsal and dinner tonight! We're getting spiffied up, which we rarely do, so it should be fun!

And the lack of Hudson pictures? O yeah. It's a little more difficult to photograph him than the other two. He goes. Fast. Hopefully me and my preggo self can keep up with a nearly-two-year-old this morning.

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  1. Aahhhh! We're from KY too! And the Army has as in New York. Things I miss from home: nice people, women that wear pearls and high heels, Chic Fil A, floating the creek...just to name a few. *sigh*