Friday, July 2, 2010

our well-behaved dog.

Piper is the apple cheese nip of our eyes. We decided in August of 2009 that I needed a dog. I was bored, lonely, and Mark was away at tech school. I knew a dog would be just the thing for me! I tossed around a few ideas on which breed I should go with, and I almost decided on a Basset Hound, but then I found a Westie breeder! I even hosted my own little name poll, in which we took none of your advice and ended up getting a female!

And within a few days, I located a breeder, visited her litter, and met Piper for the very first time. We were sneaky about it, but I posted a little hint when Clayton drew her picture.

We wrapped her in a towel and brought her home. She was so small that I couldn't tell whether or not she was urinating in the grass. Because, well, her squat wasn't really a squat at all. She pretty much sat on the grass at all times. We were instantly in love, and Mark enjoyed many Skype dates with his newest puppy daughter.

Those puppy days were rough. She seemed to go non-stop, and I had to keep a constant eye on her. But those puppy days flew by. Before I knew it, she was a little lady. And, boy, she sure had our hearts.

Piper is what I like to call the adaptable* dog. Her only mission in life is to please myself and Mark. She is super-dee-duper attached to the both of us. She sleeps between us each night and buries her head (yes, BURIES) underneath one of our bodies. Two days ago, I woke up with her head on my chest. I'm like her mother hen, I suppose.

She would never ever wake me up. Often times, I wake up in the morning to find her staring at me. Who knows how long she stares at me, patiently waiting for me to wake. But gosh I love my dog. Piper knows how to sit, stay, lay, and pose for a camera like a pro.

My favorite thing about her? She scoots up to me on the couch, taps me with her paw, and looks into my eyes, asking for a scratch on the head. If I stop too soon for her liking, she will tap me again.

We are so smitten with our dog. Sometimes we like to say that she is our, ahem, puppy soul mate. Sometimes we just lay in bed and snuggle her and talk about our everlasting love for our pup. I know, I know. We might sound whack. But she's part of the family!

And she sure is one well-behaved dog:

Right now she's snuggled next to my leg -- could we have asked for a better dog? :)

August 5, 2009
the day I got Piper!

*Adaptable: The adaptable dog is easy to handle and cooperative. His submissive nature will have him continually looking to his master for leadership. This pup is easy to train, reliable with children, and though he lacks self confidence makes a high quality family pet. He is usually less extroverted than an outgoing pup but his demeanor is gentle and affectionate.



    Wake up to a ball of fur looking at you? Sounds familiar....

  2. that's EXACTLY how Pi looks in the mornings! I love it!!! Westies are sooo loyal and wonderful :) :) :) Baby is such a doll!

  3. So cute! I remember the day you got her! :D

  4. Baby is a huge doll, but she's getting old. If you know what I mean. Like, really old. And it makes me want to cry.