Wednesday, June 10, 2009

name our puppy: the big vote

Now, I realize that we are a good 3-4 months away from getting a puppy. Possibly more. But I like to plan. Get used to it. We both like to plan. It's our favorite past time. Besides eating, I mean.

I've compiled a short list of names that I found and like. And I want you to place your vote.

I haven't told Mark any of these, because he's already in bed. Instead, I'm texting him the list, and he will vote in the morning when I get my Love Note at 5:54am. I'll let you know what he thinks tomorrow!

We have decided to get a Westie. We're about 97% sure that's what we want. So keep in mind that the name you vote on will be going to a puppy that looks like this:

but he'll grow up and look like this:

So here's the list:



---> We are from Kentucky, so this is like a slice of home - the main reason I love it!



Now, go on and cast your votes!

(I'll let you all know my favorite name tomorrow night. When I figure out what my favorite name is ... because right now I'm a little clueless!)


  1. i would say Harvey because you know I love it so. But then Tucker is a little slice of home. So I love that more. Man, it's a good thing you didn't grow up in like Wyoming, oh, then it could be Wyatt. Well, it's a good thing you didn't grow up in like California, then it'd be like Fornie. Haha. Which is dumb. Or hey, Oregon, it'd be like, Reg. Regi. Something like that. Haha. Or Washington, then it'd be Wash. And that's dumb.

    ohhh, but it's REALLY good that you didn't grow up in Virginia, because then it'd be like, well, you get the idea.

    ...ok, I'm done. I promise.

  2. LOL you are my FAVORITE, Christine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

    So, what's your vote, Tucker?

  3. Wow, the said thing is that I didn't get why Tucker would be like a little slice of home until Christine's silly comment. I'm a little on the slow side sometimes...

  4. On a side note, if his name WAS Ollie, we could call him in from doing his business by shouting, "Ollie Ollie Oxen Free!"


  5. Oops - maybe I should elaborate in my blog a little more. like, 'Tuckian. Tucker. KenTUCKian. yeah.

    also, if our last name was Free, Ollie would be the name NO QUESTIONS ASKED. Because his middle name would def be Oxen. And his doggie dish would say

    Ollie Oxen Free

    too bad we're the Cox's though..

  6. yes, yes. my vote is Tucker. :)

    but thanks for letting me be creative.

    ...not like you could have stopped me.


  7. So far we have

    Ollie - 1

    Tucker - 1

  8. You could call him Ollie COXen Free. hehe

  9. holy geez! you're a genius. who do you think you are, MckMama?!?! brilliant!

    he DOES look like an Ollie...

    well, in my MIND... since we haven't met yet.. and he isn't even BORN yet..

  10. haha, well those brilliant moments don't come too often so soak it in.

    He definitely does look like an Ollie if I do say so myself.

  11. I don't want to sway the voters with these ideas, but...

    when we snuggle together on the couch and watch romantic comedies (ahem)... I can whisper in his ear

    ollie wollie, i love you.

    now, back to the voting booth, everyone!

  12. Ha-ha, all these comments made me laugh so much! I always love reading your blog comments. =]
    I definitely like Ollie, I think he looks like one. So, are you wanting a boy??

  13. Baby and I talked it over and we put in 2 votes for Ollie. We like names that end with an long 'e' sound.

  14. Mark put his vote in for Kobi.

    So far he's the only one!

  15. Mom votes for Kobi.

    I should have known. Mark and my mom are like best friends. I should have seen this coming...

  16. You have to wait to see the puppy to pick the name! You have to see their personality!!

  17. So that brings the total to:

    ollie - 5
    tucker - 2
    jasper - 0
    kobi - 2
    harvey - 0

    I still haven't totally made up my mind yet, but I know which one I'm leaning towards :]

  18. My brother-in-law voted for Harvey this afternoon! That brings the count to:

    Ollie: 5
    Tucket: 2
    Jasper: 0
    Kobi: 2
    Harvey: 1

  19. I was actually thinking I liked Kobi the best when I first saw the names but when I read all the comments about Ollie it grew on it's kind of tie for me between Kobi and Ollie. =]

  20. New update:

    Ollie: 8
    Tucker: 4
    Jasper: 0
    Kobi: 3
    Harvey: 2

  21. excuse me. you should add in the tallies from your fb status.
    What? you don't remember them? Well, that's ok. I copy and pasted. :)

    Tucker the Terrier!!!
    I like Ollie too. :-)
    I like either Tucker or Kobi
    I like tucker or kobi
    Jasper for sure.
    my votes is Jasper. That is such a cute name!

  22. oh yes. New update:

    Ollie: 11
    Tucker: 7
    Jasper: 3
    Kobi: 5
    Harvey: 3