Saturday, June 13, 2009

now what in tarnation did he say?!

After reading M's post about tech school, I realized that I need to fill you in

you know, catch you up

you know, "learn you" the military lingo

you know, get you in the know


Military lingo can be really confusing. M likes to throw new terminology at me on a daily basis. And I am left scratching my head and saying whaaaaaat?!

black flagged? TDY? TLA? BAS? FSC? LES?

and the list continues. but don't worry your little selves any longer, because I am here to save the day. Or at least help you understand what the fridge M was talking about in his last post.

The Things He Hates:

1. Stupid people is pretty self-explanatory. But here's an example: Some dude left a pizza box in the pool hall. So guess what? No one can order pizza anymore. Thank you, stupid dude.
2. Lock Downs? This is where M is stuck in his dorm and can't leave. Food or no food, they don't care. See, he used to be able to order pizza in when he was locked down, but not any more! Now he just has to sit and starve. Thank you, stupid people!
3. Lack of variety at the Dfac? He means the dining facility. They cook the same things over and over. I, however, think it's delicious. But apparently eating hamburgers, hot dogs, pasta, salad, and peanut butter and jelly gets old really quick. Apparently.
4. 10pm curfew? Well, he doesn't have a curfew on the weekends. But he does during the weekdays. I can't imagine why he would want to be out past 10pm - but that's beside the point.
5. He wishes he could move me down there. Who could blame him? I'm a doll.
6. I know absolutely nothing about marching - unless you're talking about band. I think he has to march to school each day, but I'm not really sure...
7. He did actually rearrange the furniture in his room. But then someone came and "checked it" and they made him switch it all back. So now he uses a nightstand as a computer desk, and he straddles it each night. Ha!
8. He has these stupid school house meetings - which sounds like he is away at summer boys camp, to me! I'm pretty sure they only serve one purpose: they find out that they've gotten in trouble due to stupid people (see #1 & 2), and they clean like crazy. These are held on Sunday nights, which is really annoying. Sunday is a day of rest, people.. not cleaning!
9. I never knew he had to walk on the right side of the hallways, but now I do!
10. Oh, we just really love each other... that's all!

Oh while we're at it, I might as well tell you what I hate about his tech school! Oh, this should be FUN!

1. The stupid boys in the Air Force: I am really not sure how they made it into the Air Force. I'm pretty sure that 89% of them see it as party time where they can smoke, get drunk, and cheat on their significant others. It drives me up the wall. These same people get the entire squadron in trouble. While M is talking to me on Skype, other idiots are off actin a fool and getting everyone punished.

2. They randomly call meetings. Just let him have time off. PLEASE.

3. The enormous amount of boys that cluster into M's room at night. They bust through the door screaming profanities. It gets old. Fast. I would like to give them all a piece of my mind.

4. How they weaseled their way out of letting the wives move down there. It is over 20 weeks, but the commander is a meanie. He wouldn't sign off on the wives coming. Extremely frustrating.

5. The wierdo rules they have. M has to get a hotel waiver to come spend the night with me during the weekends. But he doesn't have a curfew. So they will gladly allow him to sleep with a girl on base, but he has to get special permission to see his wife. Blah!

6. The lack of information. They don't tell us anything. We still haven't heard from our sponsor, leaving us as the only couple out of all my friends who is NOT yet on the base housing waiting list. I hate being left in the dark about information. Especially when the guys in other squadrons know everything.

7. The no PDA rule. It's a little extreme. Excuse me, but I would like to hold my husband's hand. I'd like to be able to kiss him for longer than .2 seconds. I'd like to be able to hug him goodbye without having a fear of getting "caught." We are married, dear military. So you can just get over it. It isn't like I want to jump his bones in the middle of the street. But when I'm leaving, and we're saying our goodbyes, I would really love to just be myself.

8. M can't come home at all. It's really stinky. Other people with longer tech schools are allowed time to come home for the weekend. I wish he could come home for the 4th of July. But, no. They are going to force him to go to a country music concert in Oklahoma. Oh joy.

9. I hate having to explain our situation to every single person in our hometown. I hate it. I hate hearing people say, "Boy, I wouldn't mind being away from my husband for a while!" - then why are you married? I also hate hearing people tell me that it "can't be that bad.." -yes. It really is that bad. I hate when people tell me that I shouldn't be spending the money to go visit him. -I live with my parents. We are saving ALL of our BAH. The money is rolling in, and we aren't spending it. And we JUST GOT MARRIED. So we are a tad clingy with each other. Okay, a LOT. We pine for each other. We yearn for each other. We LOVE being together. So stop the comments, kay?!

10. I hate spending the sumemr separated. It's our favorite time of year. If he were here, we would be grilling out and having a picnic. Instead, we're Skyping on the computer.

but I'll take what I can get.


  1. Lol, sorry I just have to laugh. Cause I was in the same boat about all abbreviations and military lingo. Yes it was confusing at first but then somewhere in the 8 years I started to understand it. All I got to say about most of the stuff on here is that its the military way. Yes it doesn't make any kind of sense at all! But you just kinda have to roll your eyes and get over it. It happens every day.

  2. Thanks for explaining M's post. I read it earlier and was wondering what some of the things he had mentioned were. I know pretty much nothing about the military but from the list of things you mentioned, some of their rules seem ridiculous. Oh, and I am definitely not going to be one of those people that comments on your and M's situation because I cannot imagine what it is like for you two, being newlyweds and not being together. I can't stand being away from my husband for one day. I will say that you and M are in my thoughts and prayers every day and I hope you get to be with him very soon!!!

  3. aww, THANKS, Amanda!!! you're such a sweetie! :]

  4. honey, i would really love to have a cookout with you and i cant wait til we get our puppy! :)


    You're the greatest.

  6. i love you. i wish i could help you. number 9 makes me so so so so so mad for you. seriously. i might just jump through the computer. oh, but then that would put me with you. and i don't need to unleash my wrath on YOU. hmm, i'll think of something.