Friday, June 26, 2009

fun at the water park!

Today, C & I went to the water park and met up with our dear bloggy friend Christine and her sister, Amy. Christine and I have gone to school together since 1st grade. However, she chose brass in the 6th grade, and I chose woodwinds. Plus, we were never in the same class together. But Blogger has brought us together. So today we finally met up and had a fun outing!

C had absolutely perfect behavior. He is the most fun kid in the world to be around. You never have to tell him something twice. He's a star!

The kid-zone was super fun. We I love getting water poured on us me! C was so excited & all set to go on the big slides. But we will try that next summer!

He only jumped to "Teeny Tiny" twice! After that, he put his brave face on and jumped by himself.

We enjoyed pizza, hot dogs, nachos, and Mountain Dew underneath the shade. Healthy food like that is the only way to go on these hot summer days!

I love the water park! This place rocks. I mean, even though we saw a naked 5-year old black booty for about 15 consecutive minutes today.. put up with some weirdo children, and watched C go underneath the water on accident and fight for his life on more than one occasion*. Overall, it was a SUCCESS!

Visit Christine's blog for more pictures of the 3 of us together! And, of course, there are WAY more pictures from today on Facebook!

*He thought it was funny to "swim" and go underneath the water, even though he doesn't understand how to hold his nose or hold his breath. Yeah. Not fun at all for the grownups.


  1. woohoooo!!! Fun day! I'm so glad that it was a success! :)

  2. oh. and haha. I just remembered when that little girl pulled down her swimsuit bottoms, and C goes, "Hmmm, you don't see THAT everyday." hahaha

  3. i'm irritated that more people didn't comment on our posts. hmph.

  4. for real. I think people are jealous that we had so much fun. and they just don't want to say anything. I mean the ONLY PERSON who commented was Brittney. everyone else stinks.