Saturday, June 13, 2009

a straight mess.

for my senior prom, I went a little crazy and had my hair straightened
it only took 2 hours and a $200 straightener
and it only lasted for 1 night
and it was the texture of... well.. horrible

never again!

look closely, and you can see the curly frizz on the top of my head
... it just won't go totally straight


  1. you look a tad irritated. but very very cute! [as always] I know the texture of which you speak. My friend, amanda wanted us to straighten her hair last semester, and it looked much like this. Thennn, she slept on it, and it rained the next day. She tried to strangle her hair and tame it into a braid, but no luck. Yeah, it definitely took like 3 hours to do her hair. meh.

    you're cute regardless of how your hair looks. But I do think that your curls are so precious!

    omg. i just realized i sound like i'm coming onto you in MOST of the comments on your blogs. oops.

  2. HA!!! :D I look so different there. Ahh, 4 years ago...

  3. Wow, you don't even look like Shannon.

    I'm glad you keep your hair curly!! Oh, I just remembered that one night we played Cranium and took all those crazy pictures when Chris lived with his sis in building D, and you brushed your hair out and it was really big! You have fun hair!

  4. i DO remember that day!! my hair is a mess! :) but i've finally discovered a product that keeps it tame ALL DAY LONG. yippie skippppppie!

  5. Whooo! That's awesome! If we have little curly-haired kids, you'll have to let me know what it is!

    Actually, Chris has been looking for product, what do you use?!