Sunday, June 14, 2009


I'm not going to Texas this weekend. What a bummer.

I got a text message during church today from my husband. He asked me to try and switch my flight, because he's on lockdown for 2 weeks.

That's right. Two weeks. Because, as we all know, the boys in his squadron just love the booze.

Unfortunately, they're underage. And I hate alcohol altogether. It's STUPID. But I'll save that for another blog. Anyway.

So they were caught and everyone has been punished for their mistakes. Again. I hate to say it, but I feel like I've jinxed myself. I was just complaining about the "stupid boys" in his squadron yesterday. Blaaah.

Anyway, an hour later, M had my flights changed. They only charged us a measly $185. Ahem. Extremely annoying. That would have nearly bought us a brand new GPS...

I've moved my trip to July 2-7th. I'll arrive on Thursday at 5pm and leave on Tuesday at 10:30am. He does get 4 days off, so we'll have lots of yummy time together. We're really excited.

The more I think about it, I suppose this is for the best. I guess. We were really looking forward to being together this weekend. But, you know, people always like to ruin things for everyone else...

We're now on a 17 day countdown, folks.

(I'm not sure what happened to those boys who were drinking. He said it goes on their permanent records, but then he was talking about them getting kicked out of the Air Force... I'm not totally sure. Maybe he will explain it more later on)

And let us not forget, Army Wives comes on tonight at 9pm on Lifetime. This is one of the best shows on television. And, you know me... anything that shines the spotlight on military wives is a-okay in my book! Plus it's just an awesome show.


  1. Well, it stinks that you won't see each other this weekend...but now you get to see him for some extra days! That's always good news!

  2. Usually, they wont kick someone out for a single tech school incident. However, if these particular boys have been in trouble a lot, yes they could be booted. Tech School intructors employ scare tactics a lot to get to you straighten up, so its hard to say. Some people just arent meant for the military. Mark, you are doing a good job down there, just concentrate and focus on yourself, and you and Shannon will be just fine. Hope you enjoy your July 4th weekend.


  3. I talked to a friend Andrew who is alao on lockdown because of this. He told me it was just one kid ( who happenes to be in his class). Andrew is sooo mad because he said this kid just like doesnt care! He isnt upset or sorry or anything for doing this and getting everyone in trouble. Stupid underage guys. Why cant they just be good like our husbands?

  4. Mark's exact words earlier was, "The worst part is, you should have seen his face when they kicked him out.. he didn't even care"

    His squadron is CONSTANTLY in trouble for underage drinking. His squadron is the laughing stock of the whole base. He has accountability checks at 6am on Saturday and Sunday for the rest of the time he's there because of other guys partying. He's just constantly getting punished. It gets old really quick..

  5. i hate them. actually loathe would be a better word. yes. loathe. i loathe them.