Friday, June 19, 2009

we live on the bandwagon.

We practically just live on the back of the bandwagon. Copying our dear bloggy friends is right up there on our Favorite Things To Do list.


So we have prepared a little quiz to see which of you can guess our life history the best.

Because there is no way you would know any of these facts to be true or false unless, well, you grew up with me (or Mark). And the only bloggy reader that can say that is my sister. And she only "sometimes" reads my blog. (Can you believe it?! Only sometimes!!! Sigh!)

Just leave a comment (Hit comment right under my post. And sign your name. Or don't. Some of you like to be Anonymous.. so whatever floats your boat!)

There are only 10 questions, so just let me know which you think are TRUE and which are FALSE. And I'll reveal the answers tomorrow.

1. Right before Mark left for his big trip to Hawaii a couple years ago, Mark went to Master Cuts and had his hair shaped into a mullet. He sported a mullet around Hawaii for a few days before shaving it all off.

2. Mark first introduced Shannon to his parents, and she was really shy and hardly said one word to them.

3. Chris and Mark would go skateboarding at night, and one night Mark went down Cherry Hill and Mark fell off the skateboard doing about 25-30mph and scraped up his knee and shoulder.

4. Mark had to have stitches on his head after jumping up too high in his garage and banging his head on a beam. He now has scars.

5. Mark was suspended once from high school after he beat the pulp out of a guy for ripping his shorts in the gym.

6. When Mark first met Shannon, he was positive that she sported a perm and was in awe of her curly hair.

7. Shannon's first impression of Mark was that he was rich and popular.

8. Shannon played Goldilocks in Kindergarten and was nicknamed Little Miss Sunshine that same year.

9. On their first date, Mark told Shannon that he could see himself marrying her.

10. Shannon spent her middle school years obsessing over Super Mario I & III and dedicated all her time into seeing just how many lives she could obtain and how many times she could beat the game.


  1. 1. true
    2. true
    3. true
    4. true
    5. true
    6. true
    7. true
    8. false
    9. true
    10. true

  2. 1. TRUE!
    2. TRUE?
    3. FALSE? I know Chris did that, but I'm not sure if M did.
    4. TRUE?
    6. TRUE!
    7. TRUE!
    8. TRUE?
    9. TRUE!
    10. TRUE?

    WHEW! Oh, and I didn't ask Chris for any answers...I didn't cheat! Are you proud of me!?

  3. Um, all true?
    Just not too sure your husband being suspended or him thinking you had a perm.

  4. 1. true
    2. true
    3. false
    4. false
    5. true
    6. true
    7. false
    8. false
    9. true

  5. I quizzed my mom, and she got 7 of the 10 correct.

    but I'm clearly not going to post her guesses, or you'll know the answers!

    keep the guesses coming!

  6. ok - i'm a failure of a sister - i'm not sure if these are right.
    1) True
    2) False
    3) True
    4) True
    5) True
    6) True
    7) False
    8) False
    9) True

    Hopefully, I did better than Mom - and I DO read your blog EVERY day - i just don't comment as much as you would like (-:

  7. Sadly, you did worse than mom.

    and mom would have gotten all of them right, had she actually THOUGHT about what she was answering. I can't wait to post the answers!

    but on the upside, you only missed ONE more than mom :]

  8. I'd say all true except 10. That one is false.