Wednesday, June 24, 2009


I'm moving to Hampton, Virginia, in less than 3 months.
So it's time that I start boxing up my life. Right?
Moving is easy peasy.

My room is orderly and neat.

It doesn't look like a tornado whipped through.

I'm in complete control. My bookshelf is ready to be stored away.

and that music stand in front of my bookshelf is SUPPOSED to be there. even though I haven't used it in four years.

The two trashcans sitting at the foot of my bed are there for a reason.

(and making my bed? why, that's totally overrated)

I don't put my head in my hands each hour of the day, while sweating and think..

"Dang. I wish my husband was here to help me."

And his picture and Airman's Creed reminds me again that his job "comes first" (for now)

I can do this guys. I've got this. Moving all by myself? Not a problem. Piece of cake.

Piece of pie.

... right.


  1. i'm pretty sure i don't have words to console you. but i want to. i'm sorry, friend.

  2. just don't box anything. the movers will do that for you and any totes that you have will be emptied and the contents boxed up. so don't worry too much and just make sure you have plenty of copies of mark's orders so the movers can put them on the moving crates. oh and also make a list of the important stuff, any thing that is already cracked or broken. that way if you recieve your stuff you will have a record of it if anything is amiss.

  3. We have to move it all to 1 location. We have our wedding presents in 3 separate locations. So, we have to get it together.

  4. Uugh, I can't imagine moving/packing all alone. If you need help, callll!


  5. oh well yea that does suck! sorry i can't be there to help.