Tuesday, June 16, 2009

I've been bitten by the buggg

I got the bug again.
and I don't mean the love bug.
I mean the stomach bug.

My sweet nephews gave it to me, as usual. I woke up all night long Sunday night/Monday morning. And it finally went into full swing at 4am.

After various rounds of barfing with some diarrhea added in for good measure, I was about dead.

Did you know that we actually have a vomit center in our brain? That's why some of us only throw up every 5 or so years, and some of us LUCKY folks (like me!) vomit multiple times a year! It's called the "area postrema," and it's located in the 4th ventricle of the brain. It's located outside our blood-brain barriers, so when crazy viruses and bacteria end up in our blood, it sends some seriously strong signals to our vomit center. And our vomit center shouts, "Let em rip, stomach!!" and.. well, you get the rest of the story....

I did the unthinkable in the microbiology world and I used someone else's prescription medicine. I had to, okay?! A special thanks goes out to C for lending me a suppository and another round of thanks to my brother-in-law for lending me some finnigrin.

My stomach was in absolute agony all day. I've actually had worse bouts of the stomach flu, where I've trown up 17 times in 1 day. But this one was much worse in another area - I had NO energy. I couldn't even talk. I would only get 10 minute naps in before I would wake up with severe nausea and stomach cramps.

So I went to Urgent Care. Ohhhhhh heavens....

I was the first person in Urgent Care, and I was the ONLY person in the waiting room for about 10 minutes. They called me back first (woohoo!) but then I sat by myself in my little room for about an hour... while they waited on every single person before me. UGGGGH. I could hear them treating everyone else outside my room. I was like, HELLO!?!?!? I'm over here DYING. Anyway, the doctor insisted on a urine and blood test.


I'm a pro at peeing in a cup, but I hateeee giving blood. The girl was also really mean. She tied my arm so tight that I thought it was going to leave a permanent mark. She drew the blood, and then I started getting seriously nauseous. I laid my head down on the chair, and I was sure that my life was coming to an end...

Eventually she asked me to walk back to my room, so I stood up. And then my ears started ringing. Then everything was going black. I had to bend over and grip the wall or I would have definitely passed out. Blah. I somehow managed to get back to my room, and I laid down on the table thingy.

But to end this blog on a happy note, I bought some cheese crackers and a Gatorade at the Urgent Care pharmacy. I inhaled them because I was so dehydrated and hadn't eaten a thing all day (or drank anything either.. I was seriously dehydrated to the extreme...). I feel much, MUCH better. I had 3 donuts and Coca Cola for breakfast. Mmmm goodness.


  1. Poor thing! Urgent Care sucks, they treated Jason horribly last week too! I'm glad to hear you are feeling better!

  2. Yeah, I wouldn't have been mad except all the people that came in Urgent Care after me were on the WELL side!! That really annoys me that they took care of the Well people before someone with a puke virus. I had NO energy.. I couldn't even hardly talk. My mom called me twice from the waiting room because she was seeing all the Well people come in and then leave and she was like "Have they seen you yet?!?! Everyone's come in and left and you're still back there!" ... sigh...

    plus, I refuse to ever have my blood taken ever again there. I just can't handle it...

  3. Jason and a 3 year old were both puke sick the night I took him. Jason had been throwing up for 12 hours straight and the "other" end too-dehydrated to say the least. We waited an hour and a half in the waiting room, and the poor little three year old threw up IN the lobby. And they still left her there. The mother finally left. They were supposed to send Jason a nurse to check on him since he was dehydrated while we were in the waiting room, and they neevr did. A total of three hours later, all we got was a finnigrin shot and headed home. I had to take him to our real physician the next morning. They just DON'T care about anybody, its really sad.

  4. oh my gosh... that is TERRIBLE!! I can't believe they treat people that way. They need to just sell finnigrin over the counter. That way spouses and parents can run out and get it, and sickly people don't have to go out to the doctor.

  5. UUGH! That is awful.:/ I hope you get feeling better!

    PS That photo is terrible and hilarious all at the same time.

  6. i hate them. i feel like that's the theme of my comments. hating everyone who does you wrong. hah.

    ps. yes, yes, i hate urgent care. :(

  7. They care, but theres a waiting line and a shortage of doctors everywhere in the world. theres no possible way they can help everyone in a timely manner. Wait until you get to a military hospital, where active duty come first every.single.time over dependents.

  8. Ouch! My sister got pink eye the other day, so I am staying the heck away!

    I have had too many occasions where your pictures explains perfectly what I am doing.

    Eesh! Don't want to think about it!

  9. No, I disagree with Mr. Anonymous up there. They did NOT care about Jason whatsoever or that poor girl. If you'd like more details, you can read my current post and rethink that. UrgentCare doesn't give a flying flip. Its not all about the timely manner.

  10. I agree, Paigey! I was first. It SHOULD be first come first serve.. unless there is someone who is extremely worse-off. Like, me and Jason, for a prime example. annnd if the military hospital turns out to suck, you better believe that I'll be going to a regular hospital!! i'm not going to get less-than-perfect service from doctors who are treating me and our future children! that's ridiculous!

  11. Amen Shannon. I'm doing a blog right now with more detail on how they treated us. Sick comes before well-unless a limb or something is falling off and they are bleeding to death. They should have taken care of you WAY before anyone else.