Wednesday, June 3, 2009


[8:57:47 PM] Shannon Cox: I'm going to turn into one of those crazy moms
[8:58:32 PM] Shannon Cox: I'm going to turn into one of those: baby-food making, cloth-diapering, anti-abortion, co-sleeping crazy moms with a baby in a sling on my chest and pushing another one in my orange Chicco stroller
[8:58:38 PM] Shannon Cox: just picture it.
[8:58:40 PM] Shannon Cox: aren't i cute?
[8:59:49 PM] mark cox: hahhaha beautiful butt, you will become a self sufficient woman

yes, dear... that, I will..


  1. Oh, and I just wanted to comment that MckMama is fully to blame.

  2. and also, I am already anti-abortion, but I'm going to turn into an anti-birth control abortion woman pretty soon. I can feel it. I'm chaaaaanging!

  3. and all of your little kids will have bouncing curls! just like you! :) soooo cute!

  4. haha. i hate to tell you, but i'm already there. and it's an easy path to stray down.... ;) just let me know when you're looking for advice on that sort of thing. we just picked out our cloth diapers!!

  5. I've heard that Bum Genius 3.0 is the best, and Imse Vimse training pants are the best for potty training. What brand did you get? MckMama doesn't do it just for the environment or to save money, but because there's research of negative side affects from sitting in disposable diapers. Like, for females, disposable diapers can cause fertility problems because of the toxins in the diaper!! Natural is always better :]

  6. Katherine RoemerJune 4, 2009 at 8:00 PM

    haha. *I* am one of those crazy breastfeeding, cosleeping, babywearing, food-making, natural birth kind of moms!

    You'll love it, I promise!

    And when you do get pregnant, PLEASE invite me to the babyshower because I have GOT to see your baby bump!

  7. aww, thanks!!!! I already look 4 months pregnant, so I'm sure it will come really fast for me! and people will say, "you've still got TWO MONTHS to go?!? Girl you look like you could pop.."

    ahem :\ hehe.