Wednesday, June 3, 2009

a review and more party info

While in Texas, Mark and I decided to see a movie that we have waited a long while for - Night at the Museum II.

It was great.

So I'm going to tell you about it.

The movie begins by showing Ben Stiller and his new job as an inventor. He's dumped the museum-dealio due to recent fame. Eventually he finds his way back to his good-old museum. But he finds out that it's shutting down. In an attempt to save the museum, he tries to pull a few strings. And you know that monkey that always stole his keys? The funny monkey from the first movie? Well, he steals that Egyptian tablet that brings everyone to life. And he takes it to the Smithsonian. Ben Stiller goes and tries to get it back! He's too late. Everyone comes to life. And everything comes to life. It's hilarious! And it's a fight to restore the museum to normalty.

This movie is hilarious.

You should definitely see it. It's just as good as the first one.

The new faces, such as Amelia Earhart, Einstein, Colonel Custard, etc., make this movie great!

Plus, the McDonald's Happy Meal toys are about this movie. So after going to the theater, you can stop by for a Happy Meal and get a cool toy that relates to the movie. Yippie!


In other news, I searched high and low for party supplies today. Guess what? Our hometown doesn't have military-themed supplies. They had camo goodie bags, pencils, army men, and Happy Birthday banners. Ahem. So, I'll be shopping online. I've found two great websites that are chuck-full of supplies, so it will be fine. I'm making my own invitations... which might be a mistake. I am in a desperate search for fake dog tags. Not metal ones, but plastic ones. I have found some online, but they aren't what I'm looking for.

And, I must sadly report that the cake lady I hoped for isn't taking any new requests until maybe August. Well, that sure is cutting it close. I don't know what I'm going to do. The cake I want is definitely too hard to make on my own. I mean, this is an Ace of Cakes-ish cake. It's pretty.. elaborate. Plus, I have no experience with fondant.

Hopefully I can pull it all together. I have a good 3 months to plan, so I should be set!


  1. LOVED night at the museum too!!! Just as good if not better than the first one! Your party sounds phenomenal- can't wait to hear more about it!!

  2. Good! I realllly want to see it! We'll probably wait until it comes out on video, though.:]

    And that really stinks about the party stuff. I think it will all come together wonderfully, though! If you need help, let me know!

  3. Shannie, you know we can pull it together! :)

  4. Oh, we normally would have waited until it came out on dvd, but oh well :] You don't watch/read Harry Potter, do you Britt? I think I remember you saying you've never seen or read it... anyhow, I'm going down to see M in July and we'll get to see the new movie TOGETHER!! :D woohoo!

    also, the theaters in Wichita Falls have like.. jumbo seats in the theaters. They look like little couches built in to the seating.. i THINK it's actually for a larger sized person, but Mark and I can squeeze in and use it as a couch!! it's great! Great Escape should definitely invest in those. It's romantic :] We can get close without an arm rest in the way! and, let me tell you.. being close is the MOST important thing after being separated for 2 months!

    right, Mark!? :D hehehehe.