Monday, June 29, 2009

Not Me! Monday

Mmmm... Not Me Monday. It's so delicious - I could almost eat it up with a spoon! Scooch on over to MckMama's blog & read what she has not been doing this week!

As I'm sure you know, Mark and I are looking for a car! Yesterday, my mom and I went to the Jeep lot to just scout things out. You know, just get a feel for what's out there. I did not immediately fall in love with the only Jeep Patriot on the lot. I took pictures and showed them to hubs. He told me to go back and just "see how much it is." So, I didn't go back today, find out, and then fall madly in love with it in my heart. I did not test drive it, have the salesman calculate our monthly payments, and then give him a check for $100 to hold it for me*.

All without talking to my husband about it at all.

I would never do something like that without consulting the Head of the Household first.

Tonight, I am not going to a Southern Living party. Okay, I am. But I'm certainly not going to spend $50 on a freakin wall sconce, tray, or some other expensive homey thing. I'm rational, and I always save our money. I clip coupons, and I'm a real frugal wife. Erm. Right.

Brittney always has great ideas. I mean ALWAYS. So she made that blog about the Yankee Candle lip balm, right? I'm a total lip balm/gloss freak. My lips require constant lubrication. It's a huge addiction. I can't help it. I did not run out the very next day and by the exact lip balm she suggested. I did not get both Strawberry AND Buttercream. I did not rub both of them on my lips and freak out in the middle of the mall about how smooth and luxurious they both were.

As you may recall, this week, Christine & I took Clayton to the waterpark! He definitely didn't need floaties on while we were in the kiddie area. It was easy to stand in. So when I looked back at one point, I did not find my nephew completely under the water. He was not blowing huge bubbles that resmebled a drowning child. I did not freak out and look up just in time for Christine to catch it all on camera.

I am always looking out for my nephew. Always! And he did not nearly drown three more times that day. Sheesh, what kind of aunt do you think I am, anyway?!?!

Boy, that day at the water park was so much fun. I loved every minute of it. We had a blast, and we ate lots of junk food! So when I got up to throw our tray away, my camera case did not tip upside down on my shoulder. I did not have it only half-way closed, and I did not hear a HUGE crash on the concrete. I did not look down to find my Canon Rebel huge lens laying there on the concrete. I did not scream OH MY GOD, because I would NEVER take the Lord's name in vain! And I would never allow my precious lens to fall on concrete. I love that thing, and it cost a ton of money**.

My nephew isn't really allowed to drink coke, but his mama allows him to drink Sprite. You know, because it isn't that bad. So on the day at the water park, I did not make C drink Mountain Dew with me to save a few bucks. He did not say, "This tastes funny! What is this?!" And I did not say, "It's coke. Drink it." and I did not remind myself exactly of Prince Charming when he gave his kids Mountain Dew that one time. Sigh.

So what have you not done this week?! Let it all hang out. Come on. It's fun!

*Note: The check is totally refundable. If M said he didn't want the Patriot, the man would give me back my check. I'm not a total psycho wife.

**Note: Our Canon Rebel lens seems to be JUST fine. Thankfully!!! I can't believe that happened! I mean, err, I can't believe that didn't happen...


  1. BAHAHA! Your NMM posts are always the best! And your Yankee Candle lip balm story is so much better than mine.:] I'm so glad my recommendation was a good one!

    AND YAY about the Jeep! Can't wait to hear what happens!:D

  2. It's SOOO amazing. And cute!! I mean, it really couldn't get any better. Unless they came out with watermelon flavored balm. a lot of their scents are the same-ish. I was going to get the cupcake one, but the women behind the counter (one of which I know) convinced me that Buttercream is way better. Did you just get strawberry or did you get another one? I HAAATE cherry-flavored things. So I'll never be able to get that one! But.. everything else is great! I wouldn't mind a blueberry one either. Or green apple.. mmm..

  3. I only got Strawberry, but I really want to get more! I'll probably get cherry next, because I like cherry-flavored things.:] Or I might try the butter cream, since you like it!:D

  4. that little girl in the bottom left looks like she just got up from drowning in the 2 1/2ft deep water too!! ahhaha

  5. I LOVE that NMM! Yours are always the best! :)