Saturday, June 6, 2009

and the winners are...

Apparently Brittney, Stephanie, and Becky really know my man! Congratulations! There is no prize. But now you can walk away with pride, knowing that you can spot Mr. Cox's body frame out on a high pole. Don't you feel great now? Yay!

And here he is, hard at work. Well, maybe. It kind of looks like he's just hanging out on a pole and smiling really big. Doesn't it? Ahem.

Note: He took a picture of the picture. That's why it looks kind of... weird.

In other exciting news, Mark and I are in the talks of expanding our family in unique ways. I'm not really sure when it will be expanding, but hopefully soon. At least by Christmas. Don't fret, my bloggy friends - I will definitely keep you in-the-know!

And in party land, the invitations aren't coming along at all. I've ordered the pictures that will go on the invitations, so all I have to do is put them together. It sounds easy, right? Oh, easy for someone crafty and brilliant like Brittney :] I'm kind of messy. My things never come out right.

So that's the news, folks! Tomorrow will be a great day, hopefully full of Ichiban, buying a raft, swimming, talking to hubs, and blogging. I can't wait. I've been kind of down in the dumps lately. Like, bad. However, I am only 12 days away from being back with Mark!


  1. Whoo! Yay, go us!! I really enjoy how the lightning bolt is what's pointing to him...clever!;]

    And are you expanding in ways like Chris & I have?! If so, that is soooo exciting! I'm anxious to hear what the plans are!

    Also, I think your invitations are going to be brilliant no matter what! I can't wait to hang it on our fridge!!! ;]

    Oh...and I can't believe you're already 12 days away from seeing M again! Woo-hoo! Pretty soon, the summer will be over before you know it! (And, since you & summer have a great relationship and all, I'm sure it won't mind that you're hoping it goes by, you'll make up for it when you & M are TOGETHER finally and want the rest of your summers together to go by as slowly as possible.:])

  2. I'm so proud!! woo hoo! I guessed it! : ) Is a puppy how you're expanding... or will YOU be expanding??!!?? ; ) Can't wait to hear!!

  3. Naw, no baby!! .. yet! I do love to stir up the gossip! :] haaaa.

  4. you forgot to mention the runner up. [ahem] i mean, i was ALMOST right. AAAAAAND, that was my second guess. AAAAANDD..... I defended it. That sitting on air thing is a very PM thing to do. Aaaaaand, when I knew I was wrong, I said that I THOUGHT that the real mark was the real mark because his body type is skinnier than the sitting man.

    ok, i'm done being lame. luh you!

  5. oh, right! and I forgot to add - when I first glanced at the picture (when it was small), I thought Mark was on the top right, 2nd to the right. The guy Sujen chose. The way he's standing is just how Mark stands. And that is his roommate who is upside down next to Mark :]

  6. Woo hoo! I can't believe I got it. =]
    Yay for expanding your family...however that may be. hehe :)