Monday, June 1, 2009

Not Me Monday!

This is so embarrassing, but I haven't done a Not Me post in a long time. So this is a culmination of all the things I did... ahem.. I mean didn't do.

Boy, I had an awesome trip to Texas. Let me tell you about it. Well, okay. I will some other time. But I will tell you that our (almost) favorite thing to do together is eat. We ate at Buffalo Wild Wings twice, Olive Garden, a great Mexican restaurant, and more. So, as soon as we arrived back at our hotel after eating a large supper, Mark did not look at me and announce, "I want to order pizza." I did not get a gleam in my eye and say GO AHEAD, BABY!!! :]

The pizza and wings came - oh, right.. I didn't mention that he ordered 10 chicken wings too.. - I was totally stuffed from my gigantic supper, so I wasn't hungry. Really. So when he opened the piping hot box of pepperoni pizza, and I did not dive into it like I'd never seen pizza in my life. Seriously... I do have self control. Plus, I try to eat healthy. And I definitely did not eat, like, 4 chicken wings. Nope!

Texas is a very, very hot state. It's also chuck full of gnats, just in case you were wondering. I did not give Mark a puppy dog face and whine about how thirsty I was. So when he asked, "Do you want me to go by some Dr. Pepper?" I did not hold him back. He did not wander around base for 30 minutes searching for an open store since it was Memorial Day weekend. I did not stay back at the hotel, lounging in the bed, and surfing the Internet. I would never make my husband roam around base looking for me a drink because water isn't good enough for me. Never, ever! I'm a good wife. Yep.

The last day I was there, I was able to meet Mark for breakfast AND lunch - what a treat! I woke up at 5am (the crack of dawn, in my world), and walked down the road by myself to meet him. I did the same around lunch time. I got there early, because I'm always unnecessarily early for everything, and waited around. I waited. And waited. And waited. For about 45 minutes. Mark's expected arrival time for lunch was about 30 minutes late. Ahem. I was extremely mad. I mean, that is crucial time there, folks. So he finally ran to me, literally, and explained that his teacher held the class over. We walked into the cafeteria, grabbed our trays, and stood in line. I was really annoyed, at this point, at his teacher. So, I did not look up at Mark, and say, "I hate the Air Force!" really loud so that everyone around us probably heard. That would be really childish of me. Plus, I definitely do not hate the Air Force. Definitely not.

Today I woke up with the idea of taking my big nephew to Jeffrey's. What, you've never heard of this store? Oh, that's because it's more commonly called Toys R Us. But he calls it Jeffrey's. Anyhow, we went there to get a slip & slide. Because, well, it's summer. And we need one. I found a really cool one - a Croc Chomp Slip & Slide. I stuck it under my arm lugged it through the store because it was so freakin heavy, and looked around at other toys. C was practically dying for 1 small trinket. I looked high and low, but, naturally, all the cool stuff was $10. Too much. So, to pacify my darling nephew, I did not take him up through the candy aisles and allow him to pick one pice of candy. I did not point out the Sponge Bob Ring Pop because I definitely hate Sponge Bob. Plus, kids don't need candy. And I am not one of those sucker aunts that falls for the cheap stuff near the checkout counter.

In other pathetically sad news, I have not been sick all day. Okay, okay, I have. I have had a headache since 9pm last night. I've tried everything to make it go away. But, to no avail, it is still pounding away. Argh! Headaches make me nauseous if I don't get rid of them soon. Blah.


So what have you not been doing this week? Or this month, if you're behind the times like me! Let us hear all about it.

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  1. You are cracking me up over being "unnecessarily early"- Jeff's mantra was and is "early is on time, on time is late, and late is unacceptable" We Simons' live by that rule =) Drives me crazy sometimes, but can't seem to help it!!

  2. yeah, like I don't know what I was thinking - that maybe his teacher would let him out of class EARLY?! oh yeah right.. I must've been in DREAM LAND.