Saturday, June 13, 2009

when I was in All-State

when I was in high school, I was obsessed with band. And I do mean obsessed

I used to suck when I was younger. then suddenly I got obsessed. and I had to make All-District

then I had to make WKU Honors Band

then I had to make All-State

so my parents bought me a Buffet Prestige clarinet with an extra Eb key (extremely RARE!)

and I skipped lunch to practice my audition music

I took lessons

I was obsessed, okay?

but it all paid off.

listen to this. It's called October, and it was composed by Eric Whitacre.

and this is me when I was a junior in high school in All-State of 2004.


And if you've never had the joy of creating music like this, you're sadly missing out!!

listen to the whole thing while you're busy facebooking, or whatever you do.

God gives us all amazing talents. I'm happy that he gave me the talent of music.

October | Music Upload

NOTE: if you don't listen to anything else, BE SURE to listen from 3:50-4:15. that's the climax. you won't be sorrrrrrry!!!!

oh, and okay - while you're at it.. 2:27 as well!!!!!!!

oh, Christine convinced me to post THIS song as well. This is called Folk Dances, and it made me nearly pee on myself when I played it. I mean, THIS SONG IS FREAKIN FAST. If you play clarinet, you can sympathize with how fast this song goes. My fingers were flying.

Folk Dances | Upload Music

NOTE: the best part of THIS song just happens to be at 50seconds - 1:15 :] enjoy those fast notes!



  1. i could SERIOUSLY listen to this over and over and over. :)

  2. ODU! Are you from VA? That's our homestate! We went to JMU.

  3. No.. we aren't from Virginia, BUT We'll be stationed at Langley in September!! :]

  4. Neat! Can't wait to listen to them!!!!

    I've always wanted to learn how to play the piano!

  5. Oh, that comment sounds like I said I wanted to learn to play the piano because that's what you play, but clearly it isn't, so basically I just stink at putting comprehensive sentences together.