Tuesday, June 2, 2009


so I am planning a party for late this summer.
a party for me.
oh, and for Mark too.
a going away party, if you will.

and we're going to invite the whole neighborhood.
well, not really.
but we will invite everyone we associate with.
which is probably you. maybe.
unless you are one of those people who reads my blog and NEVER COMMENTS.
yes, I am talking to you.

It's going to be big-ish.
and I'm already planning the cake.
I'm going to ask THIS LADY to make the cake.
because she's amazing.
my nephew's tool box cake & my bridal shower cake are on her website!
I can't decide - do I want an Airplane cake - to represent the USAF?
or do I want a soldier cake, with camo and fighter dudes?
tough, tough decisions...

so anyway, it's looking like we'll be moving in September.
because Mark is going to do RAP duty.
or so it seems.
which is where he helps out the local recruiter.
but really gets free vacation time with family and friends.

so what kind of party would you all like to see?
I'm thinking a cookout.
with macaroni salad.
and lots of other cookout-ish foods.

go ahead, comment.
let me know your cake ideas.
and food ideas.
and party locations.
it should still be piping hot in Kentucky 'round that time.

to comment, simply click Comments.
and then leave one.
choose the Anonymous feature.
and sign your name at the bottom.
and I'll be a happy blogger.

oh, and tomorrow I will be posting an embarrassing picture of myself.
as if the previous post didn't include a picture that was bad enough...


The theme of the party has been decided. Christine and I are planning a SPECTACULAR party. You will be shocked. I can't wait!

Theme: Military Mania


  1. you should get a cake that shaped like a cake, thats so original, it may have blown your mind. Take a minute to gather yourself.

    Xzhibit on Pimp my Cake-

    "Yo dawg, I herd you like cake, so we put a cake on yo cake, so you can eatchyo cake while you eatchyo cake!"

  2. LOL you are a perfect match for my Crusty.

  3. i love luaus. I don't know how Markie would feel about that, but I like them. Aaaaaand, I have a say in this. Since I'm invited and all. hehe. :)

  4. I would suggest something not human shaped for a cake? Human shaped cakes kind of freak me out. :-P Maybe the Air Force symbol?

    Not sure! Haha!

  5. I didn't mean an actual HUMAN shape.. I meant like a soldier cake. Like, a cake with camo print on it, with fondant soldiers or something. I don't know.. something along those lines.

    What would Duff do on Ace of Cakes?!?

  6. at my sisters wedding, the grooms cake was just a plain round cake, but it had the Air Force seal printed on the top of it (he was in the Air Force)

    it was pretty cool

  7. you didn't address the fact that i voted luau. ahem.:)

  8. neat!! I don't know what I'm going to do. I mean, the cake IS the center of the party :]

  9. oh, Crusty, that sounds like a great plan!! I could get everyone those.. leis..? however they are spelled. I mean, it would be really cute if I had a military-theme, but I don't know what I could pass out so people could dress up :[ it's not possible..

  10. I am so sad I read this late and missed out on the ideas stage.:[ I do think I know how to solve your cake dilemma...have them both!!! :D

    I really hope we're invited!!...I'll be so sad that you'll be leaving.:[

  11. How about a big light bulb shaped cake to signify mark being an electrician. a soldier doesnt make as much sense seeing as how he will never carry a gun again anyway.

    love, chuck norris

  12. LOL Brittney, you are hilarious!! of COURSE you and Chris will be invited!!!! you two will be our VIP guests :]

    and i have found the cake that I want. it is totally awesome. Let me tell you. Okay, I'm not telling everyone. But, Britt, I will email a picture of it. And I know 2 women who have their cake decorating business in BG (cutie pie cakes and Tammy Vogler) that do AWESOME cakes. I can't wait!!!!

  13. I think that you should do a cake in the shape of the Air Force seal since the air force is going to be a BIG part of yalls life.

    And a good southern type of cookout is always the best!

  14. Yesssss, VIP! Does that mean we get, like, cool badges? Ha.:] Annnd I can't wait to see the pictures! I looked at Cutie Pie Cakes, but not Tammy Vogler...did she do your wedding cake?

  15. Oh, of COURSE our cake will be military-themed!! I have one in mind that is absolutely awesome. It has the seal on it and his rank and his name.. so it should be great!! And Tammy didn't do our wedding cake. Butttt... her cakes are just as good as the Ace of Cakes cakes!! I'm going to Party 1 tonight to look for what kind of military things they have :D

  16. WOW, Ace of Cake cakes is a pretty good compliment! Can't wait to see the cake. Yum! Have fun at Party 1...I have never ever been there.

  17. I just can't believe that Party 1 didn't have anything worth anything. How very stinky. This image that we have, though, oh, I mean this image that YOU have, (don't mean to intrude...hah) will be an awesome one.

  18. I wonder how much a blow-up obstacle course would be to put in the back yard. Is that overdoing it? I really don't think there's a such thing as over doing a going away party.