Saturday, June 13, 2009

I'm a little annoyed.

oh, and I'm in the mood for making lists. so here are some of the reasons why I'm annoyed:

-the Westie breeders won't contact me back. I've found two in Virginia that seem great. however, neither of them have puppies right now. but that's fine. we can't get our puppy now. but I would like to know when they have puppies due and how much they will charge. is that so much to ask? really? I bet we'll end up looking in the classifieds for our pup, so whatever.

-I have a sore throat. I'm sick of it.

-I am dying to know when M will exactly graduate, when he will exactly be home, and when we are supposed to arrive at our base. exactly.

-I hate my wedding pictures. I want to marry my husband again and get a different photographer. Like Jennifer Creed, for example.

-M really does get 4 days off for the 4th of July. oh, but not one, but TWO MTLs told them all that they would only be getting Friday off. so I booked my trip for June 19th. I can't change my trip. they lied to us. It makes me mad.

-my silver ink pad is dried out. all of it. I planned on using it for the stars on my Going Away Party invitations. now I have to use white. oh well. you all will have to get over it.

-I have been in a bad mood for nearly a week. I just want to curl up in a ball and sleep.

-all my friends are moving to their husbands' tech schools. except me. I'm staying here because it's the smartest thing to do, financially. emotionally, it's killing me.

-I don't want to leave my nephews. I really, really don't. It's going to kill me for sure.

the end.


  1. I wish we could do the same thing about our wedding pictures.:/

    I think your invitations will still be beautiful, even with white stars.:]

    It really stinks that you and M are away from each other for so long and don't have any info on...well, it seems like just about everything. I hope your trip to see him (in 6 days!!!) will be wonderful.:]

  2. hey britt... I have some pictures of my invitations! but I'm going to take some better ones, but as soon as I upload them, I'll let you have a gander. but no one else. because they're TOP SECRET!!

  3. um, WHOOPS! here I am logged in with the wrong account. erm. oopsie!

  4. i wish i could help you. But I can't. I so wish I could. I am, however, looking forward to your party! And you know I will take pictures and tag you in an obnoxious amount. :)

    love you.