Friday, June 12, 2009

10 things I hate about Tech School

This is Prince M making mention of the things that I hate and dislike about my tech school.

1. the stupid people that slipped through the cracks of basic training.
2. Lock Downs because of those stupid people.
3. the lack of variety at the Dfac
4. 10pm curfew during the week.
5. not being able to move my wife down here and live on base
6. the annoying mark time march when they tell us forward march
7. I dislike the fact I cant rearrange the furniture in my room.... stupid uniformity crap
8. I hate having school house meetings and GI parties.
9. walking on the right side of the hallways in the school house.
10. I hate being so far away from my loving wife, the one who holds the other half of my heart, the woman who will carry my children in the future. God I love you to death Shannie!!!!


  1. how about #10 seriously gave me that lump in my throat, and approximately 3 tears. true story.

  2. Hi Shannon! I'm new to your blog, and thought you were interesting. What is your airman studying? My brother is in munition - active reserves now after 12 years of service. He started at Hill, went to Germany, back to Nellis, and is now back at Hill for reserves. His stations were great destinations for vacations! Thanks, airman for your service!

  3. He's an electrician! :] Thanks!