Tuesday, June 9, 2009

just wonderinggg!

I'm just wondering...

if, when I become a mommy, I will drastically change how I eat. I have a slight obsession with these new, cool, hip moms who feed their kids only the best and finest organic food. They clip coupons and search high and low for the best prices. They shudder at the thought of fast food, processed food, and candy. They would never dream of giving their children coke. They feed their kids food that looks like it was packaged for a hamster, but they do it with style. And they photograph it. And then they blog it. They feed their kiddos food that I have never even heard of, such as: whey protein, tahini, and hummus. I marvel at these awesome moms and their passion for feeding their children's mouths with only the best food. Will I ever become one of those moms?!

I'm just wondering...

if, when I become a mommy, I will change my TV-watching habits. Sure, I really don't watch that much TV. And, when I do, it's nearly all non-fiction. I basically live on TLC, with a smidge of Discovery Health and a smidge of ABC Family - with some good old ABC thrown in. But, will I plop my kids in front of the tv to watch Dora and Yo Gabba Gabba to gain just a measly freakin second of time for myself? Or will I think of insanely creative tasks for them to do every second of everyday in hopes of tiring them out and then getting time for myself? I marvel at those moms who think of ways to keep their kids entertained - like putting them in a tub of beans with trucks and tractors or making potato stamps in the afternoon. Who thinks of that kind of stuff? Cool, new, hip moms. That's who. Will I ever become one of those moms?!

I'm just wondering...

if, when I become a mommy, I will dress my kids in crazy clothes. Will I go to Target and find what fits for $5? Or, will I scout the Internet like never before, in search of adorable (and crazy) outfits for my kids? Will I stick huge flowerdy headbands on my daughter? Will I dress my son in insanely bright colors that could blind a passing car? Will I hunt down the company in Austria that produces baby boy tights and stick them on my son, despite what the rest of the US thinks about boys wearing tights? Will I search the world for brightly-colored baby bedding because I hate light pink and baby blue? Some cool, new, hip moms do that sort of thing.

Just wondering about what I'll be like in the future. Ya know. Just wondering what kind of mommy I will turn out to be.

I just might turn into a crazy, FUN mom who sits in the front yard and sings Bible songs so loud that the neighbors can hear. And we might sit on baby blankets and pretend that we are on a boat and we are traveling to a far distant island called Kookawakka Island. Because, well, that's what I did tonight. With my two nephews of course.

Because doing those things alone would send me a one-way ticket to the nut house...


And even if I turn out to be an organic baby food-making, baby-wearing, less tv-watching, clothes-obsessed mom, I think that the most important quality that I should posess is being fun.

and I'm really looking forward to that.


  1. I eat organic!! And I am not a fan of fast food at all! But then again Im going to school to be a fitness trainer and nutrition specialist so I would eat that stuff lol

  2. i think yes, yes you will be a fun mom! I mean really, look at all the fun things you do with C and H.

  3. Just for the record...I think you will be an amazing mommy! :-)