Thursday, June 25, 2009

we'd like your input

when we get to Hampton, we're going car shopping. i always love to hear your opinion and input!

our car needs to:

be $20,000 or less
have room in the backseat. if you know what i mean.
be safe
be cute

so, that narrows out Corvettes, Mini Coopers, and trucks of any sort.

so far we have 4 cars that we like. but feel free to suggest a car of your own. oh, and one more thing: M won't buy an American-made car for the most part. there are a few suggestions. but generally no Fords or Chevrolet's.

in no particular order:
(and the prices are for the 2010 models)

Mazda 3: 4 Door

Mazda 3: 5 Door

Honda Fit Sport

VW Rabbit

We are heavily leaning towards the Mazda 4-door. And, let it be known that we will be getting an SUV-ish car a few years down the road. When we need more room. If you know what I mean. Each of these cars is about equal in size, and each seats 5. But really 4, if you're realistic about things. Thanks in advance for your lovely advice!! We've been looking online for months now, and these are the top contenders!

*Note: After proof-reading my blog, I noticed that I wrote "It must have room in the backseat. If you know what I mean." I meant it must have room for CAR SEATS and CHILDREN. I realized it might possibly be taken another way. So, there.

*Edit: I switched the picture to a 4-door Rabbit. Not the best picture, but whatev.


  1. Are you set on a brand new car, or would you consider a used one?? You can get WAY more car for the money is you go used- and there are some awesome deals out there in used car land... and the depreciation on the new ones is so painful... Hmmmmm, can you tell we lead the Financial Peace class?? = )

  2. you LEAD the Financial Peace class?!

    I have some questions for you. I'm emailing my guts to you on facebook!!!

    and we can totally go with a used car. but not TOO used or old. I have a 2003 car, and it only has 31k miles on it. so, nothing older than 2006 probably. ya know. :]

  3. Ok, I'm going to keep my thoughts quick and simple.

    My opinions:

    Mazda 3-4 door: perfect. roomy, etc.
    Mazda 3-5 door: Has a big nose.
    Honda Fit Sport: Looks a tad like a mini van. Which is great for family. You know.
    Rabbit: Looks big and Roomy, but only 2 doors. What's up with that? It'd be hard to get carseats in and out with only 2 doors.

    umm, ok I'm done.

  4. Ohh.. oops!!! If we got the Rabbit, we'd get the 4 door model. I am such a nut for posting a picture of the 2 door one. UGH. sorry. ok. I'm going to try to find a 4 door pic and change it.

  5. ok. regrouped. i actually picked one this time. i pick the first one. :) why? well, i said it's perfect. but lemme tell you why.

    1) roomy.
    2) 4 door.
    3) big back seat.
    4) still doesn't scream "i have 4 kids!!!"
    5) it's unisex. Boy or girl could drive it and not look dumb.

  6. OH! annnnnnnd it's the cheapest! :)

  7. COOL! Thanks, Christeeeeny!!! :D Mark could not take place in the voting of our car on my blog, because his internet in his dorm is insanely slow.

    but he votes for the Mazda 4-door.


  8. well, naturally. because it's the BEST!

  9. I vote for the Rabbit. Buuuut I'm probably partial, you know.;]

    Oh, and it really can seat 5, it's a LOT bigger inside than it looks from the outside.

    And Fit's are superrr nice, too. Those are the only 2 cars I have experience with, so those are the only 2 I'm commenting about. Sorry if I wasn't too much help!

  10. like the first poster said, generally you can get a better deal with a used car, with todays economy sales are everywhere. However a brand new car with a bumper to bumper 5-6 year warranty is appealing. i like your choice of the mazda 4 door, its a good car. Dont forget to check out nissan and honda a little more too, they have some really nice cars too. Good luck in whatever you decide.

    Jon P. (candi's husband)

  11. OH! AND the Rabbit has a TON of cool features you'd never know about.



  12. I think we're going to look around at different car dealerships when we get to Langley. Car seats nowadays take up a LOT OF ROOM. Especially since they are equipped with arm rests and cup holders :| Kids live like kings and queens these days. Anyway. Once you fit 2 car seats in a car, the backseat is full. So anyway. I think we're still leaning with the Mazda 4 door, but not really sure. And I think we're going to get a slightly used car.

  13. Cool beans. Ours is slightly's a 2008, and we're pretty sure it only had one owner in that time frame. (We forgot to ask the dealership about getting us Carfax.) But that's alright, because it runs great and there's nothing wrong with it. Getting used is so much better than getting new, because the moment you drive a new car off the lot, it's value depreciates by like 50% or something. But you probably knew that already.:]

  14. you guys are forgetting the most important thing here! TRUNK SPACE!!! yes you need a big backseat but how are you gonna tote the kids around if you have NO room for the stroller?

  15. pshhh that's one of the biggest things on the list! although my sister has a small trunk, but Hudson's stroller fits in just fine. I'm pretty sure any trunk would be able to fit a regular stroller. now, a DOUBLE stroller.. that's a whole nother issue :| but we don't PLAN on needing a double stroller :] but you never know!