Sunday, June 14, 2009

because I just HAD to copy Christine...

I found heard about the cutest sandals from my buddy, and partner-in-crime, Christine. She got her very own pair yesterday, sent me a picture, and I just had to have them.

Because I love to copy people. You know how I am...

They're from Old Navy, and they are only $7.50 a pair. That adds up to $7.95 with tax. Amazing.

One would think that the rubber on top might hurt your foot and cause a hurty spot. But no. They are amazingly comfortable. They come in all sorts of colors. Well, mostly pinks and blues. But still.

Now run along and copy us by getting your YOUR very own pair. Summertime calls for sandal-shopping!

oh, and forgive my less-than-perfect toes. I, uh, have been lacking in the toenail polish department.

dear Christine, I love you.. and your ability to find great bargains around town.


  1. Those are really cute!!! And I happen to like the color on your toes.

  2. thanks!!! Orange is my favorite color :D

  3. haha. I LOVE IT. [partner in crime...hehe] i'm so glad that they were comfy for your little toesies, too. :)