Saturday, June 20, 2009

answers & winners...

The game is over! And we have a tie for first place: Brittney and Meaghan! Both of you missed 3. Actually, my mom only missed 3 too... but she raised me, so I figured that didn't count.

Congratulations!!! This was a tricky quiz, so you two did awesome!

Now for the answers... and explanations:

1. Right before Mark left for his big trip to Hawaii a couple years ago, Mark went to Master Cuts and had his hair shaped into a mullet. He sported a mullet around Hawaii for a few days before shaving it all off. True. Mark thinks he is Mr. Funny Pants. I thought he was joking about doing this. Then he showed up to surprise me at work and he looked like a nerd from the 80's. It was terrible. Then he shaved it off. Thankfully!

2. Mark first introduced Shannon to his parents, and she was really shy and hardly said one word to them. False. Mark introduced me to his grandpa first! I didn't meet his dad until we had been a couple for a few weeks! But I was really shy. But I talked.

Here we are on the day I met his family for the first time!
and Mark is holding his nephew, Mikey, who was just born!

*Note: Almost every single person missed this question! The trick word in this question was parents. I didn't meet Mark's mother until we had dated for 2 years!

3. Chris and Mark would go skateboarding at night, and one night Mark went down Cherry Hill and Mark fell off the skateboard doing about 25-30mph and scraped up his knee and shoulder. False. Mark wrote this one, and it was really tricky. It was actually Brittney's husband, Chris, who fell off his skateboard. But Brittney got it RIGHT and knew it was her husband!! Way to go!

4. Mark had to have stitches on his head after jumping up too high in his garage and banging his head on a beam. He now has scars. True. I wasn't around for that one. That was before my time.

5. Mark was suspended once from high school after he beat the pulp out of a guy for ripping his shorts in the gym. True! Mark would tell the story better, but there was a jerk in his PE class. He ripped Mark's favorite soccer shorts. And, if you know my husband, he loves his soccer shorts. So Mark beat him up. But the teacher turned around and let him do it!

6. When Mark first met Shannon, he was positive that she sported a perm and was in awe of her curly hair. True. Although that wasn't actually the FIRST thing Mark thought when he saw me... ahem...

7. Shannon's first impression of Mark was that he was rich and popular. True. Definitely 100% true. At church, he talked to everyone. And he was always really funny. So I just watched him from afar and thought how cute, and unattainable he was.

8. Shannon played Goldilocks in Kindergarten and was nicknamed Little Miss Sunshine that same year. True! I was full of smiles, happiness, and extremely talkative in Kindergarten.

9. On their first date, Mark told Shannon that he could see himself marrying her. False. Doesn't that sound dreamy though?! He actually told me this a week into our relationship. I was his FIRST girlfriend ever. So he didn't want to rush into things TOO quickly. Haha...

us - a week into our relationship
at a Copeland concert in Nashville

*Note: EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU missed this one!! You all must think Mark is Mr. Romance!!

10. Shannon spent her middle school years obsessing over Super Mario I & III and dedicated all her time into seeing just how many lives she could obtain and how many times she could beat the game. True. I had no life back then. And I still have no life.



  1. AH! That picture of me is horrible!

    Yay for being tied for first place! And once I read your answer to #2, I couldn't believe I missed it! UUGH! DUH, Brittney!

    Oh, and THANKYOUSOMUCH for posting that picture of my husband. I don't think I have ever seen it, and it is soooo cute! I definitely saved it.:D

  2. PS That picture is why I chopped my hair off.

    Okay, maybe not entirely, but you get the idea.


  3. hahaha you are so cute... ANNND my mom missed #2 as well. i looked at her and went "MOOOOMMMMMMM... ugggh.. his PARENTS?!?!?" :]

    I'm a trickster!!

    and I have more pictures of Chris where that came from!

  4. i over analyze everything. drat that thinking of mine.

  5. LOL! I remember taking that picture too! Last time I ever had a tan too. Buckhead's is still great!

    I guessed all true because they all sounded way too good to have been made up.

    I can't believe your husband got suspended though! I don't blame him for beating the guy up though. I remember people getting "pants'ed" in band and always feared for my gym shorts.

  6. HAHA! How funny! Chris saw that photo I saved and he said, "SHOW ME THAT PICTURE!"

    He's so vain. Bahaha!