Sunday, June 7, 2009

Not Me Monday!

Ahh, my favorite time of the week. The time when I get to let go, let my hair down, and let it all hang out. Head on over to MckMama's blog tomorrow when she posts HER Not Me. You will definitely get a lotta laughs.

I've been slacking on my Not Me's, and I'm really sorry. This first paragraph about what I did not do comes from the middle of May. Forever ago, I know!

Ahh. Graduation. What a sweet time. I decided to wear a black shirt with a hot pink/white/black skirt. I even got new black shoes! I was set. However, those darn graduation gowns don't come with pockets. Unfortunately, that means that there is no room to store a cell phone or lip gloss. The first one I could go without if I had to. The second? Why, I don't even want to think about having lip gloss-withdrawal during my own graduation ceremony! Sheesh! So, to prevent such an awful thing happening, I did not gob layers and layers of lip gloss on to hold me through the 2 hour ceremony. And, because it was so thick, my tassel did not continually get stuck on my lips and cause my graduation picture to turn out like one big flop:

I'm sure glad that picture doesn't actually exist. That would be a crying shame for my one and only graduation picture from WKU to stink because I wear too much lip gloss.

This weekend was full of great weather. And, conveniently, my sister just got a brand new pool! However, we were slightly unaware of how long it would take to fill a large-sized pool. So, we all decided to sit outside and watch the pool fill up inch-by-inch. While sitting in one of her lovely patio chairs, I looked down and noticed a ginormous-sized bug crawling on my chest. It was probably an inch long - with long, thin legs! I did not jump up faster than a nilly noodle, scream, run over to my sister, and flail my arms out of my tank top, exposing myself to the entire world. And I do mean exposing. I am bigger than the bug. And, I would never risk my sister's neighbors catching a glimpse of my baby-bottles. I'm glad that didn't happen.

Later on, I got a little hungry. Conveniently, my sister made a chocolate cake with chocolate frosting the day before! It even had sprinkles. How lovely! I brought my older nephew, C, into the kitchen, because he wanted some too. So, while I was slicing an extra large piece of cake for myself, I did not tell him, "Shannie is filling the gaping hole in her heart, caused by Mark's absence, with chocolate!" Then, he did not turn around to tell his mommy, "Shannie is filling her hole with chocolate." I mean, that is too much info for a 4-year old. Plus, I don't tell my nephew everything. Well, I do. But not all the time...

This weekend was also the season premier of Army Wives, which is one of my most favorite shows EVER. I really can't get enough. Even though they aren't real Army wives, I still eat it up. It's actually kind of comforting - watching other military wives... anyway. I was glued to the TV. Well, glued in-between talking to Mark. He actually loves the show too (I promise). At the end of the show, I was extremely excited, emotional, and crazy. Ahem. So, I did not type to Mark on Skype and say, "You're my hott Army man."


I would definitely not call my husband an Army man after watching Army Wives. My husband is an Airman, and I would never forget that. Not even for a second. Not even after watching my most favorite show on television.

[Note: I did not post 3 blogs in 1 day. Okayokay, you caught me, I did. But this is my blog, so I can get away with it!]


  1. hahahahaha. You are SO FUNNY. This totally makes up for the fact that you have not done a NMM in a while! :) love you!

  2. NMM? that reminds me of num num. Which reminds me of gum gum. Which reminds me of Night at the Museum. Ahh, what a great movie.

    If someone duct-taped your mouth shut, "nmm" is the noise you would make.

    How very appropriate.

  3. I did the same thing at graduation with the lip gloss! I knew I would need (fine, I knew I would WANT) my cell phone, but decided that I could go without the lip gloss during the actual ceremony if I slathered a ton on beforehand. My tassel wasn't on my face during that picture (but my picture was horrendous), but in every other picture I took - BAM - there it was, trying to make me swallow it.