Saturday, June 27, 2009

a small update.

Isn't that the cutest little boy on earth? I mean, really. Well, okay. He's tied with this kid:

but anyway. I really have nothing to blog about today. Odd, I know. But I am now 4 days away from sleeping in the same bed as Mark. HALLELUJAH. We are immensely excited. Four uninterrupted days together. Ahh, paradithe* (more on that story later on!)

So our big car-hunt continues. We've added another car to our list that we love. My sister has a big old Jeep. I'm not even sure what it's called, but it's awesome. My BIL (brother-in-law) suggested we get that brand.. because it rocks. We checked it out. And we found one we love: a Jeep Patriot.

but we like this color:

see? lots of room! The new ones would be about $17,500. But we could easily get a used Jeep for cheaper! However, I still really like the Mazda3. I'm struggling. Who knew car-shopping could be so dang hard?!


Yesterday, Christine, C and I were sitting in the kiddie area in the water. Relaxing. Taking in the moment. You know, having a blast. So I say, "Man, this is paradise!"

C looks up at me and asks, "What's paradithe?!" (that's 4-yr old talk for paradise)

I reply, "You know... like, Heaven!"

C leans back in the water (which he has NEVER DONE BEFORE! He is scared to death of the whole baptism idea!), dips his head back in the water and says, "Ahhh... paradithe!"

Too. Freakin. Cute.

*Note: the kid in the beginning of this post was Mark as a kiddo! Adorable, I know. We are, however, thanking our lucky stars that he didn't join the Navy!


  1. oh how i love that jeep! almost better than the mazda 3, i think! But I've heard jeeps are prone to tipping!

  2. I figured out my sister has a Jeep Wrangler Unlimited! The really big kind that nearly looks like a Hummer. and tipping? I think I *HAVE* heard that, but hopefully we won't be doing any driving to make us TIP OVER. But it's a hard top, so that should make it way safer. I also think it won the best MPG in its class of car. so that's always nice.

  3. I realllly like Jeeps! But, like, the traditional Jeep with the hard top. Mmmmm. gas mileage on your shopping list? Because they don't get great mileage. And they are top heavy and tip easily. I mean, if you're driving too fast around a corner. But yeah. That was a really depressing comment.

  4. HA. Obviously I didn't read the two comments before mine before I commented.

  5. :D I don't think my brother-in-law's jeep gets TOO great of gas mileage. but the Patriot is different. and way cheaper. I'd rather get the Jeep, only because it looks cooler. and we could pack a lot into it. but i can't really tell how high it is. it SUCKS to put a baby in a carseat if the car is taller than you. i mean.. babies are heavy. then again, it sucks to have to stoop down to put a baby in a low car. I would really like a car that's just my height. it's really bizarre that i'm car-shopping with babies in mind, but it WILL be the car we have when we're parents. i'm not a total freak. :D hehe.