Thursday, June 18, 2009

Secret Life!

I love to use my blog to plug my favorite things. So today, I would like to share one TV show that I absolutely love.

Let it be known that I do not watch much television. 95% of the stuff I watch is "non-fiction" - and TLC and Discovery Health are my two favorite channels. I primarily stick to parenting and health shows. But I do sometimes really love good-ol' fiction stuff, like Army Wives, and - the show that I'm choosing to show off today - The Secret Life of the American Teenager.

I found this show last year, and I can't get enough of it. It's on ABC Family (another channel I loooove!) And it is actually written by the same writer as 7th Heaven. I'm sure you remember that adorable show about the preacher and his wife and their 7 rowdy children.

I primarily love this show because I love children. Don't get me wrong. But I also love it because it shines new light into teenage pregnancy. Teen pregnancy has been on the decline for the last two decades. Until very recently. It's hiking back up. But Secret Life shows teen pregnancy in reality, along with marital problems, teen problems.. and, well, it's really accurate.

Plus, the writers of the show are practically SCREAMING "Wait till you're married to have sex!!!" So, it's all good.

this show is amazing. you will not be let down.

And, plus, it's only 1 measly hour out of your life. Season 3 premiers this Monday at 7pm on ABC Family.

And don't be worried that you've "missed too much" because we're already into season 3. Amy just had the baby, so you haven't missed much!

Come back and thank me once you're addicted to Secret Life.



    but you know that.

  2. so far, our Monday is going to ROCK! Secret Life and then the big announcement from J&K!!! :D wooooohooo!

  3. Bahaha, I'd always wondered about that show. I can't wait to see J&K's announcement. I mean, only if it doesn't involve a word that starts with "d" and ends with "ivorce."