Saturday, July 17, 2010

baby name blog vote

I only have two ideas on what to call our daughter on our blog. And they aren't very good, but what's a girl to do? Sigh.

I'll share my ideas, and you tell me which name you think we should go with. I appreciate your input :)

1. Sharkie: Yes, I'd be calling our daughter a shark. Shark is a combination of our first names (Shannon + Mark). And, coincidentally, the first time Mark felt her kick, he compared her to a baby shark. AND, even MORE coincidentally, the first time Clayton felt her, he also called her a shark! It isn't very feminine.. but I do like the sound of it. And it has a special meaning.

2. Pumpkin/Punkin: This one is going with her birth month theme. You know - an October baby. There isn't much else to say about this. Ha.

3. Wait until she's born and hope some nickname sticks. Who knows what Mark will come up with - as he calls Piper "Pup" and "Kickin Legs" and he calls me various food names. I really wouldn't bank on this, but there's always a smidge of chance that we'll come up with something cute.

Thoughts? :\


  1. Secretly, I have always been jealous that your names form something that is an actual cute word and I can't do that for our babe. Haha. I personally have preferred Sharkie to Pumpkin from the start! Before she was even conceived! :)

    Plus, you can always call her Sharkie and then change it if M or you come up with a really cute name once she's here!

  2. I always preferred Sharkie too :) I think we'll go with that.

  3. Sharkie.. I love that! So cute!

  4. I agree, yay for Sharkie! It's meaningful, and sets her apart. Everyone and their mom's, who was born in October's nickname was pumpkin. She's special :)