Wednesday, July 21, 2010

the worst drink on Earth and a small update.

After an odd breakfast of half a sausage circle patty from McDonalds (could ONLY eat protein), without the biscuit, it was time to drink my orange glucola concoction:

Worst drink ever. The first sips weren't so bad. And I did try to drink it as quickly as possible. Then my throat started burning uncontrollably. My eyes started to water. My stomach started hurting. And I got to the point where I swallowed the drink and gagged immediately after.


Mark kept insisting, "Just CHUG it!! It can't be that bad!" Oh, but it was. Somehow, I drank it all. I don't want to see another glucola drink for many years. Surely if we can photograph other galaxies, clone animals, and cure diseases, someone can invent a tasty glucola drink. Can I get an amen?

So I had a fabulous appointment. We measure 28cm - which is 28 weeks - right on schedule. Her heartbeat is loud and strong, and she is most definitely head down for the time being. My blood sugar measured at an 86 -- anything below 140 (or so) is great, so no gestational diabetes here! Our birthing classes start August 12th, just one day shy of 31 weeks. As you (might) know, we are aiming for a non-invasive natural (hopefully aquatic!) birth for our daughter. We are very excited for our birthing classes (8 weeks of them!) to prepare us - as best as possible, anyway.


So our Jeep's all packed - minus a few of Piper's last minute items (food bowls and Poochie Bell). Not only is this a hugely exciting weekend for us, but Mark's very best friend in all the world graduates from Air Force Basic Training on Friday! It's been hard to watch him and his wife be separated for 8.5 weeks, because we actually know how awful it is. But tomorrow morning, bright and early, she'll see her husband run by her - twice - and it'll be the best moment of their lives (next to reuniting!), and we can't wait for them!

Time is surely dragging super slow. No "big" plans for tomorrow - other than hanging out with my babies! I likely will not be blogging much, but I will be updating my Facebook (with photos). I am SO excited! :D


  1. I'm so glad I didn't have to drink that drink!! We tasted it in school but my midwife gave me the option of drinking the drink or eating gummies!

    I'm so happy for Brittney and Chris!! And mr E as well!!

    Have fun at home!!!

  2. Thats the same flavor I drank. It wasn't so bad. Also, our numbers weren't so far away from one anothers. Mine was 66. Nothing here either! :D I was so happy. My midwife told me my numbers were low, but I don't care, bc I'd rather them be low then anything near 140! :D I hope yall have a blast in Ky! :) I know if I could go home I would, but we can't. Enjoy it, and enjoy those babies!