Wednesday, July 14, 2010

I thought I had nothing to say, but it turns out I did.


I think I have writer's block. I can't think of a darn thing to blog about, so I guess I'll just do a "steam of consciousness" all MckMama-style.

Mark is so ready for our baby** to "come and play." Hard to believe that our baby will actually fit into this teeny tiny t-shirt in just three months. Like, exactly three months. She's due three months from tomorrow. Holy cow. Our baby shower is coming up, and we couldn't be more excited about it. Heck, we're just excited to be back in our home state. We really miss home.

We started a new book/series in our small group - Crazy Love. The first chapter was great, and I'm sure it'll be a great study. We meet every Monday night with about 16 others (um, yeah, a big small group.. we just keep growing!!!) and it's lots of fun!! :)

Today, Piper decided that her tennis balls shouldn't have the outer bright yellow covering. She thinks she should eat it all off. Piper never, ever touches any "human" belongings -- she would never chew or steal anything that belongs to Mark or myself. But with her own toys?? She will gladly rip them to shreds, if she desires. We've found that human baby toys hold up a million times better than Petco toys.

She just ripped a tennis ball in half. Sigh.

We're really hoping these next 6 days fly by, because I am very ready to be back home with my family and nephews. I have plans to pack Sprout around in his Maya Wrap, chase Hudsie around the house, and cuddle with Clayton on the couch. M and I got Hudson a grocery cart with play food for his birthday. I thought he'd have fun wheeling it around the house and taking food in and out of his cart. Since I'm fairly certain that he doesn't read my blog, I don't mind sharing that information :)

***So on that note, any ideas on what we should nickname our daughter on our blog? Mark calls Piper "Pup" all the time. I'm hoping some kind of nickname emerges on its own when she's born -- that would make things much more simple. Mark calls her "Addie Paddie," though her name certainly is not Addie. Or Addison.

I tried to look at "belly mapping" earlier today -- trying to figure out the position of my baby based on where I feel kicks and movement. I couldn't figure it out. We always feel strong kicks in my left-hand side. It's rarely my right side. And sometimes I feel little wiggles like little feet poking my bladder (or little hands?).. anyway, I couldn't figure it out.

But really, if you have any ideas on what we should nickname her, feel free to give me suggestions! :D

O, and I guess I did have something to say, huh!? :)


  1. Oh boo! I thought I'd been a smartypants and guessed that you were going to name her Addison.

    That t-shirt is really really really tiny. Can't wait to see the baby who'll be wearing it in 3 months.

  2. You will love "Crazy Love" Just did that study with our small group. Enjoy your time in KY!

  3. You know how awful I am with blog nicknames. What about your month-of-the year nickname idea? Like, using something that has to do with the month she's born. Pumpkin for October, right? I don't really remember. :)

    On that note, my dad said he was going to call our son "the Edge" because his initials are EJJ, and phonically it sounds like "edge." Only, it's REALLY funny when he says it. I should record him saying it the next time I see him. O, in like, 8 DAYS for Chris' graduation?! YIPPEE! Anywho, I was thinking about stealing that and using it for his blog nickname until we - if ever - think of something ourselves. Sigh. Whaddya think?

    This comment totally turned all about E. Whoops!

    I'm excited we have the same countdown, that you're seeing your family NEXT WEEK, and that precious little A will be here in 3 months. For some reason, I'm really excited about seeing M be a daddy to his baby girl. :) So precious!

  4. I have no clue about a nickname. :/ Sorry. But I hope you have a great time trying to figure one out. :) Also, I feel really hard kicks at the top of my tummy. And little rolls or flicks around my bladder I think he's alreayd upside down, and getting ready to come out. I think that at my next doctor's appointment I will ask how he's positioned. lol! I have too, I just *have* to know.

    I'm super excited about you going home! I can't wait to see pictures and know what you get at your baby shower! I bet you will have a blast!!

    Also Matthew's and mine old life group leader wanted us to do crazy love. I think you will love it!! I know I read some of it and just *loved* it!!! Have fun with it!!

  5. Be careful with baby toys because soon piper will think all the babies toys are hers! We had to stop giving Fenway stuffed animals because of that.

    You could call her Shamrock (kinda sounds like Shannon and mark combined), or what's the lowest rank in the air force? Or maybe the highest rank since she will rule your life :-). Or baby blue (for the air force uniform). I'll have to keep thinking :-)

  6. Little wiggles and punches are the hands and possibly her head. Eventually you'll feel the head bumping against your pelvic bone. The big kicks are the feet. But that only tells you so much. It helps to locate the heart so that you can figure out where the torso is. It took me a while to get it and I wasn't 100% sure I was doing it right. Its still pretty early for her, she could flip and turn for several months now but it sounds like she may be in the right position for labor. Head down, slightly off to the side in preparation for turning (facing your back) for delivery.

    For a while I called Gavin "Itty Bitty" because he was just so tiny! That lasted a while until he became "Mister" and now I just call him "baby". I'm sure that'll change soon now that he's going to be a big boy and wont want to be called baby anymore.