Thursday, July 8, 2010

embarrassed to admit it

I'm embarrassed to admit it, but...

-I just peeled and ate my very first peach. Ever. I wasn't even sure if I was supposed to peel it. I had to ask my mom.

-I've never seen the movies Grease or Star Wars. And a billion others. Theatrically speaking (in more ways than one), I haven't seen a lot of famous movies. Oops!

-Earlier, I "messed up" when making Hamburger Helper Enchilada. The embarrassing part is that I was (A) Making Hamburger Helper and (B) that I messed up. In my defense, Amanda and Mark both agreed that the illustrations in the instructions were *absolutely* misleading.

-In the 10 months we've lived here, I haven't taken the trash out once. Hard to believe, I know. But Mark "enjoys" doing his manly work, and I take care of every.single.thing. inside our home besides that. Except I don't kill bugs. BUT, other than that, I do it!

-A couple days ago, I made my very first grilled cheese in.. like, a very long time. I kind of forgot that grilled cheese existed. Mark was thrilled to death at my new discovery of two pieces of cheese between two slices of bread. I'm really not kidding.

-Earlier, Mark and I got dressed to go swim with Amanda & Jon. We got to the pool and found it locked (for some unknown reason). So we headed back home. And, instead of changing our clothes, we decided to stay in our bathing suits. 5 hours later, I'm still in my bathing suit. And he's still in his swim trunks :)


PIPER is embarrassed to admit it, but...

-Today, when Amanda came down stairs, Piper leaped off the couch and crashed into the floor. On accident. It was sadly hilarious.

-She often can't find a bug unless Mark and I show it EXACTLY to her. Otherwise, she misses it completely.

-She really rarely kills a bug. She usually plays with it until it's stuck on its back. I don't think she has it in her to really kill anything. Sigh.

-She's super duper lazy and makes us lift her up on the couch sometimes. She gives these pitiful little tries to leap up, and misses, so we have to pull her up like a baby.

-She's scared to walk down the stairs. So every single morning, I carry her down like a princess puppy dog.

-She's so attached to her parents that she enjoys burying her face underneath our backs at night. And gluing her body next to my thigh as she naps. And never, ever, ever leaving our sides. Ever.

-She's friends with big dogs and LOVES them. But she's scared and shy around smaller dogs. Too funny. And a little sad.

and, just because I feel like it, two pictures of my sister and myself. I'm the younger one with the blonde hair and later with the big fro :) :) :)


  1. Baby can't see or sniff bugs out either. We point to it and THEN she sees it.

    But don't underestimate Piper's natural instinct as a hunter. We didn't think Baby would harm a fly.... until she proudly dropped a severed baby bunny's head at Mom's feet.


  2. That reminds me!! Piper ate a fly today! She kills flies around our house (a favorite past-time of hers..) and she brought it to the rug and ate it! Ew, Piper! :) :)

  3. Where is that book now? It is really old. Mom

  4. Granny gave Lauren that book, so Lauren has it somewhere! I hope she hasn't lost it! :)

  5. I have NEVER heard of peeling a peach.