Wednesday, August 5, 2009

our little artist.

C drew this lovely picture this morning! Isn't it great? Such an artist, he is!

Brittney, Christine? What do you think?!


We are 20 days out from D-Day. It still doesn't seem real. Apart from wishing, "I want him to come home!" I don't actually believe he will ever come home.

Off to Target we go! Hudson is not in a very good mood, but hopefully a trip to our favorite store will cheer him up. Ya think?


  1. I was JUST about to go to target! We're twins.

    And I LOVE his art!!! :D

    Does he like his teacher?!?

  2. He is so talented! What a smart cookie!!

    How is sweet Hudson feeling?

  3. I KNOW WHAT IT IS!!!! Baahaahaha, C is SO cute!

    Have fun at Target! Maybe I'll talk Chris into going this afternoon, then all 3 of us can blog about our Target adventures!