Saturday, August 1, 2009

camo mat.

A certain 4-year old starts real preschool on Tuesday.
A certain 4-year old was required to purchase a nap mat for preschool.
A certain 4-year old wanted a camo nap mat to be just like Uncle Mark.
A certain 4-year old is way excited.

Isn't that the cutest thing you've ever seen? It rolls out and comes with an attached camo pillow and an attached green blanket. It looks just like something Mark would carry around with him. Well, maybe. And C's has his own name in orange script on the outside. Not Peyton's.

That was the highlight of my day. Pathetic, right?


  1. pathetic?

    you mean pathetic that you get excited when your nephew gets excited?

    pathetic that you are excited that your nephew wants to be like your husband?

    no, friend. that means you are a great aunt/wife. duhhhhh. :)

  2. oh and ps. Peyton rhymes with Clayton.


  3. :D aww, you're such a DOLL!!!!!!! I always tell my sister "Christine is such an ANGEL!!!!!!!!"

    and yeah, I noticed the rhyme to!!! :) but Clayton is a better name than Peyton.

  4. yes. much. much better name. Though there was a girl in my cabin. Her name was (well, still is) Peyton. I like it for a girl. But for a boy? Eh, not so much.

    Good news though: Clayton is named Clayton. And not Peyton. Wow, I'm annoying myself.

    and haha. I don't know how I'm such an angel, but thanks anyways! :)

  5. Hey...I was going to name our boy (if we had one) Peyton.

    Just kidding! Bahaha.

    You two are so funny! Oh, and that mat is so NEAT! :D

  6. hahaha. for a second i was like, "...oops" when I read Brittney's comment!

  7. HA! That made me laugh. You two are a hoot.