Monday, August 24, 2009


It's Monday! NMM time!!! Love it. Absolutely LOVE it! Visit MckMama today to read about what her kiddos haven't been doing this week!!

This week has been a doozy, to say the least.

A few nights ago, I certainly did not lay in bed as Piper softly whined. I did not ignore her, even though I knew what that whine meant. So I did not lay there in the dark as she pooped in her water dish and then ate it up. What kind of mother do you take me for, anyway? I'd never allow that gross behavior to happen. And if it did, I most certainly would NOT text Brittney and Christine immediately to tell them about it.

Today I decided to feed Piper a healthier snack, and I went for the blueberries. I did not secretly pick this fruit to see if it would turn her poop blue. So later on today when she did her business, I was not excited to see that it did have a blue tint. And I didn't go and tell my mom about it. Nope, not me!

Each morning I get Clayton ready for school. My main squeeze is his hair. I love styling it! But this morning, I was feeling extra perky. I asked, "Do you want some cologne?!" He responded with a no and walked away. I did not then say, "Don't you want to smell good for Lydia... ?!" I definitely don't encourage my nephew's preschool dating habits. And I wouldn't spray men's cologne on him for the ladies at school. I am a good aunt, and I am preserving his innocence.

Today I was scrounging the house for a "new toy" for Piper. When I came across an old stuffed raccoon toy, I did not give it to Piper, even though it belonged to Clayton. When C got home from school, he did not look in her crate to see his toy inside. It did not break his little heart to see his "favorite raccoon" in her crate. Also, he did not later find his Spiderman red ball slightly deflated from Piper biting it. I would never give Piper a toy of Clayton's, and I would never let her destroy one either! Sheesh!

Mark does not come home in 2 days. Oh, wait. Yes he does! And we CAN'T WAIT!


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  2. HAHAHA! That blueberry one cracked me up! :D

  3. hahaha. SO FUNNY.

    ...i miss you.