Sunday, August 9, 2009

a boring post relating puppies to children.

Who knew Piper was half bunny?


Now that I'm a full-fleged puppy-owner AND an exceptional-education major, I can kinda see some similarities. What, you think I'm awful for relating our puppy-rearing to teaching and guiding young children? Well, okay. It's my blog, so get used to it.

The similarities are uncanny, really.

1. Positive reinforcement. Why, this is the foundation of special education! It's common knowledge that food is a universal reinforcer. We all love food. And we'll do anything for food! Same with puppies. Kids (and adults!!!!) love verbal praise even more! As do puppies. It's surprising what human beings will do for a piece of candy, really. Just ask a teacher.

2. Consistency. Both teachers and puppy owners know that a schedule is oh-so very important with establishing rules and routine.

3. Providing rewards for success and fading them slowly. Err I don't want to bore you with teachery talk. But basically rewarding your puppy with a treat when she does the right thing. Then slowly fading this overtime to prevent satiation (now wouldn't my teacher be proud of me for using this term in the real world?!).

Now wasn't that a boring blog post?

Guess what? Teeny is babysitting my nehpews on Saturday night. Let's all say a quick prayer for her!

I swear, some good, funny, interesting blog posts are coming soon. As soon as I think of some new material. Maybe. Hopefully...


  1. I love my half rabbit, half puppy! good use of vocabulary :)I love you honey, not much longer now til we are together

  2. :D can't wait to watch the kiddies.

    ACTUALLY, in my sped class once, I did a presentation on Williams Syndrome. And I work with a guy with Williams Syndrome, and I felt bad saying this to a class full of Edu majors and the teacher, for crying out loud, but I said, "For lack of a better parallel, my friend Tyler is a lot like a puppy. He gets excited at the smallest things, he obeyes when we give him rewards." And the teacher was like, "Yes, most sped children are like puppies, for lack of a better parallel like you said, they thrive on love and attention, and feed off of positive reinforcement. And they're fun, too!"

    haha. See? You're so smart!

  3. LOL!! I can't believe it. I'm NOT crazy, afterall!! :D When I was reading my big huge Westie book, I was like WOWWW.. this is JUST like special ed!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    and to all of you who aren't sped majors, I guess I seem mean? or horrible? But you just don't know :)

  4. No No. Not mean. Even my sped teach who has her doctorate agreed.

  5. You don't seem mean! I wish everyone did the research (and had the experience!) you did for your puppy! It's going to be good for you, M, and your puppy in the future! I'm so proud of you! :D

    PS Your puppy could totally be a star! She's poster-perfect!

  6. hahahaha. thanks Brittney.

    just don't tell anyone that the little spot above her eye is actually a poop stain from when she pooped in her cage (when I was sick) and tried to eat it. and got it on her face.

    delish, I know!