Tuesday, August 18, 2009


I need some ideas for our going away party! I know all of you crazy hooligans are creative, so give me your ideas!

So far I've got the idea of...

-Setting up an area where each person can write a card of "My favorite memory with you was..." and put it in a box. Afterward, I can hopefully scrapbook them or do something unique with the cards!

-Put up a sign that reads, "Deserting Us" in front of our desserts (our patriotic cake and light bulb & airplane cookies!)

-Hopefully create some sort of scenic spot where we can take pictures with each of the guests before we leave!


Now, ideally we'd have some kind of physical activity to do as well. Any thoughts? Or do you think socializing & eating is enough? It will be a full meal with lots of food, so that will take up a lot of time. Help! I know you're creative!! Give me your ideas!

Our party is 12 days away, so we need ideas. Pronto!


  1. Uhh...corn hole is always fun! I don't know about any other active thing. That's all we're having at our cook out, so yeah. Does Mark have any ideas?!

    PS I LOVE your idea for the pictures! :D

  2. No! We're scotch out of ideas. I *did* think of corn hole, but I don't have one of those board things! Do you have it? If so, can you just.. bring it?!? There ARE different little games like that that I've seen people play at 4th of July functions and stuff... but we don't own ANYTHING like that. Neither does any of my family :\

    Online they suggested making some sort of "balloon arch" to take pictures under. Well, I think that would be rather expensive!!!! So, uh, maybe we will just have to stand by a tree :\ What do you think?

  3. The park is really pretty, I'm sure you can find lots of spots to take photos without spending money. :)

    I'm on a mission to start thinking of ideas for you! :)

  4. i seriously have no ideas. I don't know what my problem is, but I LOVE your ideas. :)

  5. My in-laws have a corn hole board! We may be able to see if they'll let us borrow it for a few hours. ;]

  6. Hi Shannie! I left you something on my blog! :)