Monday, August 10, 2009

he whistles while he works!

Ahh, summer. Sweet summer. Swiftly passing us by. Big brother is off to school. Hudson is busy whistling his summer days away.

Wait, what?!

Mhmm. Hudson whistles. And I mean he whistles. He puckers his lips up and makes a normal high pitched whistle. No one has ever taught him to whistle. He just decided to whistle one day.

Have you ever seen a cuter whistling baby? That's what I thought.

Hudson was ecstatic to see our praise after he whistled so beautifully. He also sported a very appropriate outfit today. Puppies.

Oh, and Hudson would like to remind everyone that he is walking like a pro now:

More pictures to come. I promise.

Piper's first vet visit was today. I know you care. She tipped the scales at a whopping 2.01 pounds. She was healthy as a horse puppy. Minus the hookworms she sported. But she got a tasty banana treat to cure her of those nasty boogers, so now she's set.


  1. thats very cute... lil champ is growing up fast

  2. so very cute. :) i can't wait to hear him whistle!! I hope he does it while i'm there.

  3. :) whistle for him and say, "Hudson, whistle! *insert whistle here*" and he SHOULD do it for ya! :) :)

  4. AW THAT IS SO SWEET! I've never even seen a whistling baby! And we have a sizing scale, now! We weighed Lily yesterday and she was 5.4 pounds! Piper is TEENY!

  5. Oh HOW CUTE!!! I love those pictures!! What are hookworms? I can't believe she only weighs 2 pounds! So TEENY!! :)


    I wish I hadn't read that :( Although I know that ALL types of worms are VERY common in dogs... I'm SURE that each of your dogs will encounter worms at some point. Our previous Cocker Spaniel came home with tapeworm. It's just one of the woes of being a canine, I guess.