Tuesday, August 11, 2009

a stubborn nephew.

Hudson is what I lovingly refer to as the stubborn child. He loves his mama everything about her. But when it comes to any other caregiver, he can be rather... well... stubborn.

The stubbornness began at week one of life. It hasn't exactly stopped.

He doesn't like to eat from anyone's hand but his mama's. While my mom was struggling to feed Hudson a nutritious bowl of Chef Boyardee, his lips were pursed, his head was turned, and he wasn't having anything to do with it. So she called me in for backup.

I gave it my best shot. Really, I did. I even smudged some on his lips so maybe he'd taste the deliciousness of a ravioli noodle. No chance.

I sat there, having given up all hope, and checked my email on my phone. I happened to glance up to see his mouth wide open and ready for a bite. Wow, I thought, he's really hungry now!

I grabbed 2 little noodles on his baby fork, went to put it in his mouth, and his lips tightened up so fast, you'd think I was feeding him poison! He then looked at me and laughed really hard.

He did it on purpose.

He thought he was some kind of funny.

Hmph. Played by my 1-year old nephew.

...and he never did eat any ravioli.

But he sure is beautiful, cuddly, and all kinds of wonderful. He has taken a huge liking to Piper and tries to pet her at every opportunity. I love that kid. Stubbornness and all.


  1. how about this is the cutest post ever. :) such a cutie pie!! :)

  2. How funny... they all know more than we think.