Tuesday, August 25, 2009



The first time I saw her, we were in the first grade. She was in the room next door. Our classes joined for Count Dracula. A math fun time.

We were never in the same class in elementary school. I'm not sure if we had any classes together in middle school - except band.

But I played clarinet. and she played trumpet - then tuba (right? trumpet, right?). So we were always across the room from each other. Always.

But band was a common bond between us, and it still is. Pretty much. So we did know each other. And when I saw her in the mall, we would take a picture.

And then in February, Christine began to read my blog. And I convinced her to start a blog of her own. Actually, I named her blog Brewin Mischief as a play on her last name (Brewer). And then we fell in love. Well, pretty much, anyway.

Christine is just great. She is probably the kindest person on the planet. Well, I don't know everyone on the planet. But I'm certain that she ranks right up there with Mother Theresa, Princess Diana, and MckMama. I just know it.

Her kindness is really unstoppable. It just kind of bleeds into everything and everyone and she kind of leaves a mark, or stain, if you will. Like blood. Oh wait. This is a bad metaphor. Uh, anyway.

But really - she rocks. First of all, she and Paigey sent me this huge comfort bag when Mark was away. It was the sweetest thing ever. I truly loved it, and Mark loved you two for doing it for me. Then I "won" a picnic basket from her, which was the most amazing thing in the universe. Then she decided to volunteer to babysit my nephews. Then she made a freakin poster for me for our party. Then she is going to blow up balloons for our party and help set up before it starts! She is just great, really.

I hope you get the chance to meet her or read her blog. I know that if you meet her, she will change your life forever. In my family, we love Teeny. Teeny is a name that our entire family now knows. She is a very special person and I love her dearly.

Christine, you're amazing.



  1. I love this so much. And I love YOU!! :)

    though I'm not a saint. :)

    I just love you, friend. That's all.

  2. Awwww this is so sweet Shannie!! Teeny really is a fantastic person.

  3. oh and yes. you're right. it was trumpet. But I wasn't in band in 7th or 8th. I was trumpet in 6th, and then started tuba in 9th. :)

    so you were right. no classes together in middle school.

  4. You weren't in band in middle school!? WHY??? and, more importantly, why did you join band in the 9th grade after skipping it for 2 years?

    but you weren't missing much. Mrs. Smalling was mean and not good. So it's probably best that you didn't experience it.

  5. Aw, you're so sweet! :D I'm glad I met her because of you!

  6. haha. I didn't like trumpet that much. So I quit. But then, when Elise and Juliane were both in guard, and I would come to games and watch them, Mr. Morrison asked me if i could play tuba. thus, i became a tuba tooter. haha.

  7. wow. That's neat!!! I'm so glad that happened! Otherwise, I'd never have known you!