Friday, August 21, 2009

new eats.

When we got Piper, she was used to eating Purina Puppy Chow. She thought it was fine, I would guess. If I could get into her little puppy brain, that is. But as the weeks went by (okay, two weeks exactly), I began to notice that she didn't care about breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Now hold up. What kind of dog doesn't like their meals!? that doesn't like their brand of food, perhaps!

I was having to actually coerce her to eat. I would have to call her multiple times and almost hand-feed her! It was a little ridiculous. Then I started talking to Brittney about the big, wide world of dog food. Who knew that dog food had its own empire!? Not me! Now I do!

I took a little trip to Petco today and found this lovely holistic brand: Natural Balance.

I chose the potato and duck kind for small dogs because the lady said her dog loved it. It's grain-free. NO grains whatsoever. Only potatoes, duck, canola oil, and salmon oil. And lots of yummy nutrients, as well.

The odd thing about this brand is that it's for puppies and adults. You just adjust the amount you feed them. Surprising, right? So I put the food in her dish, mixed a little in with her old, yucky food. She dove in for it. She picked out all the new kibble bits and left the old Puppy Chow! She was ecstatic. I have never seen her eat like that in my life! Or, in the two weeks we've been together!

This sounds a little absurd, I will admit, but I can already see a change in her. She seems more laid back. Tonight she laid on my lap and let me play with her mouth and smooth the hair around her face! ...Not typical Pipery behavior. I am so excited about this food! Potatoes and duck? Why, Daddy Mark might just try to steal some food away from Piper when he comes home! Just maybe!

I also got her some treats while I was there:

HERE'S the link to their website. Piper hates the treats. She won't even attempt to eat them. I don't understand why! They're cute, little, and they're made out of yummy ingredients! I've already promised Paige an entire bag of Purina Puppy Chow, since Piper is going off of it. And I promised her a big portion of these treats. Brittney, if you want me to make a little baggy for Lily, I'll divide it up! It's no problem. Piper won't miss them at all! I'll keep trying to see if her taste buds come around, but I don't see it happening!


  1. Hey Shannie, we have a whole box of dog treats for Fenway, so if Brittney can put your other treats to use, go for it! Thanks so much for the bag of food though, you're awesome! :) I'm so glad you found a food that Piper loves!

  2. are you SURE?!?! It's like a big ol' bag! I *NEVER* thought she wouldn't like them! Great. Maybe since Lily is bigger, she can have multiple treats at a time since they're teeny! They're little bones for little dogs! :)

  3. Definitely, if she wants them, let her have them. We have a whole box of Milkbones that will take us forever to get through, since we break them into small pieces for him. :)

  4. We'll definitely take them and try them if you aren't going to use them. :] Also, Paige, if you want OUR bag of Puppy Chow, you can have it, too!

    Shan, we use these treats for Lily (and did for Bindi as well):
    they are yogurt treats and are vanilla flavored and are softer than most treats. Lily (and Bindi) love(ed) them! Piper might like them, as well! I can bring some in a baggie for you to test out if you don't want to spend money on a whole bag. Just let me know! (They have peanut-butter flavored, which we haven't tried yet, and chocolate flavored. I recommend NOT getting the chocolate ones - obviously - since they have cocoa in them. Dumb.)

  5. yes, Brittney!! You can just bring like 2. We have like cheaper little treats that taste like chicken and beef, and she DIES FOR THEM. she LOOOOVES them to death! and these treats are harder and more cookie-like. but they aren't cookies, obviously.. but just harder, kind of like a milkbone. so i bet she would like a softer, more chewy treat. Thanks!!

  6. and hey.. there is a Westie on your treat package! :D

  7. Yeah. I don't have a dog. Or I would include myself. Umm, instead, I'll tell you about mine and Austin's future doggie.

    We are going to get a girl. We are going to name her Leilu. (Pronounced Lee-Loo) She will be cute. Though right now we are discussing the breed. Austin wants a St. Bernard because they're super friendly with kids and stuff, (AHEM...IF WE NEVER GET MARRIED, THOUGH, WE WON'T HAVE TO WORRY ABOUT KIDS, SO IF HE EVER STOPS DRAGGING HIS FEET, THEN MAYBE THIS WILL ACTUALLY MATTERRRR!!!!...oops) but I'm not really crazy about the idea of a St. Bernard, because they slobber a lot. But Austin hates yippie dogs. Hates.

    And when I say, "But we can cuddle with a small dog." He says, "We'll be married. We can cuddle with each other!"

    anyways, the battle isn't over yet. But here you go. Leilu will be cute, and we will love her. And I will blog about her, and THEN, when I finally get married and have her, I can ask you guys about puppy food. You know, you might have forgotten by then, though, because Fenway, Piper, and Lily will ALL BE LIKE 7 YEARS OLD BY THE TIME I AM MARRIED WITH A LITTLE DOGGIE......

    ....ok, I'm done. :)