Wednesday, August 26, 2009

random information.

A grocery list for myself and Mark to remember:

-red velvet cake supplies
-blue icing
-black icing
-icing supplies for cookies
-baked beans
-potato salad
-pasta salad
-hashbrown casserole
-hot dogs
-chicken nuggets

oh, and if you're coming to the party, that's what we'll be eating ;)

Just.. not pure icing.. that goes ON the cookies and cake. Ahem.


I made it. I really made it. He comes home tomorrow. You know, during parts of the day, I get busy and almost forget that he's really coming home. Then I remember, and my stomach gets filled with butterflies. And I get a little lump in my throat!

Aren't you curious as to what we'll be doing first?! Well, it isn't sex. If that's what you were thinking. We're going to Samurai! Mark hasn't had Japanese food in 7 months, and it's one of the very few restaurants that can actually fill him up! I am very, very excited about it!

Guess what? Did you see how I won a Welcome sign thing from Brittney? I've ordered an avocado-colored tile to hang on our wall. It just happens to be the first decoration in our new home! Well, we have decorations. But, you know, not like that. Hopefully there will be a perfect spot on the wall in our new beachy home. I'm pretty doggone excited about it.

We move in 15 days. Sheesh.

Mark graduated this morning, and it went quickly and it was great. He's out-processing as I type this.

He flies out of Wichita Falls at 6:30 tomorrow morning - on a plane with a propeller. You recall my bad experiences on that plane? Where my Dr. Pepper flew across the entire plane when our pilot turned the plane on its side? Yeah. That awful plane! Hopefully it won't make him sick, because that plane makes me nauseous every time!

He should arrive in Nashville at 11:10am. I'll be the squealing curly-haired crazy woman running toward a really hot Airman at the airport! There will be pictures, of course. Don't worry!


Do any of you party-goers have a box with a hole in it to put envelopes? I need a box for our memory cards. I could use a fish bowl, but that's my only idea. I just need some kind of thing to put little cards in. Any ideas?


  1. i can make you a box. We have old boxes at the chick all the time. Maybe I could wrap it in some cute air forcey material or something and cut a hole in it? idk though. whatever you think.

  2. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?!?!??

    *cough* MO THERESA *cough*

    um, Teeny, that would be amazing. AF material? What is THAT???? Anything would do. ANYTHING. srsly. Omg, I could kiss you.

  3. hahaha. whatever. you're crazy.

    I mean AF material like, you know, material at wal mart. They have material for everything. I'll look when I get home Friday, and then go by work and get a box, then just do the box on Saturday sometime. No big. Of course Ill email you pictures of material as I find it. You know, to clear it with you first. I'd hate for it to be like super hideous, and then you be sad. haha.

  4. OMG. who ARE you?!?!? you are insanely nice and generous. Holy smokes, Christine. I just love you to pieces. Really.

    omg. I should bring pics to our cookout, shouldn't I? Pics of me and Mark. yeah! To set up around the memory table.

  5. yeah! you should!! that'd be SO CUTE! :)

  6. I have never eaten at Samauri. Is it more or less expensive than Shogun??
    I'm just so stinkin' excited for you!!!!

  7. Shoot I have no idea. I'd say about the same price? But *WAY WAY WAY******* better than Shogun. Shogun is like disgusting. Not the food, but the atmosphere and people. One of my best friends from college went there and the waiter told her to stand up and turn around. And she did it without thinking and then he laughed and she realized HE WAS CHECKING HER OUT. UGHHLKHGKGJ. That is sooooooooooo inappropriate. I haven't been to Shogun since Clayton was an *infant* ... If you get the supper for 2 at Samurai at night, you get soup (with things in it like mushrooms and a few noodles and onions), salad, an appetizer (like dumplings), your whole meal, and ice cream. AND sometimes they give me corn on the cob steamed and all Japanese-y. but sometimes I don't get corn. I don't know.

    you HAVE to go. It's sooo nice looking in there. and Japanese people eat there. So... you know it's good. I've never seen a Japanese person in Shogun. So that just tells you something.

    Ok. Ahem. I'll get off my high horse about Samurai ;)

  8. I'm totally trying to talk Jason into going there tonight!

  9. yay for you hubby coming home TODAY! and i can't wait to see pictures of your alls going away party... it sounds like it's going to be great :)

  10. Mmmm...Samurai! Yum! The first time Chris & I went there was with you and Mark!! Remember?! We were like the only people in there because it was still new! :D

    And I'm pretty sure you are ON YOUR WAY TO NASHVILLE AS I TYPE THIS! WOO-HOO!!