Sunday, August 16, 2009

potty training!

The reports are in that my baby nephew Hudson used the potty for the first time! Our little 12-month old champ! We're so proud.

Here's his big bro around the same age:

I know that a 12 month old baby using a potty is kind of unheard of. But let me just tell you: kids CAN be potty trained before 2. It's insane to just accept the idea that they can't go before they're toddlers. A diaper saved is a dollar earned. Granted, accidents still happen even well into potty-training, but it's expected.

We are so proud of our little H. Go baby Huds!!!

And HERE'S a link on infant potty training. Just in case you're interested. Or something.


  1. yaaaaaaay huds!! :)

  2. So glad you are using infant potty training and that you are blogging about it. We really enjoyed it with our third child.

    Here's another link for anyone interested in the topic:

    Kudos to your hubby in the USAF. My son got excellent AF career training and had many opportunities to travel and live abroad.



  3. YAY! I was so happy when I heard this! :D