Friday, August 7, 2009

the 411 on Piper

Piper had a fabulous night. I tucked her in at 9pm and she went straight to sleep - all curled up on Mark's t-shirt. We share a love for Mark's t-shirts, apparently. She slept as quiet as a mouse until 4:30pm. The mothering instinct in me kept waking myself up to check on her. But it turned out she was fine and dandy - just really sleepy!

The other day when Clayton drew Piper, he had never seen her. He just met her this morning! As soon as he saw her, he was inspired to draw her!

And I know it looks like Piper's ears are bleeding. And that she's licking her nose. And that she's pooping. But those are just little pink ears and that black dot is her "tushie" aka butt hole. We don't really say butt in our house, so tushie is more appropriate for our preschooler. He insisted that she was not "all white" and that color was necessary.

Here we are as soon as we got home!

Her collar is too big for her. So it sometimes comes off. Hopefully she'll soon grow into it!

I got her at the Walnut Hill Kennel, thanks to Paigey, who told us about it! She's a West Highland Terrier, and she has 5 other littermates, in case you're interested! 2 boys and 3 girls remain! Her favorite things include: chewing on her red chew toy, cuddling with me, laying on Mark's shirt, and sleeping. She's teeny weeny, and I love her dearly.

Daddy comes home in less than 3 weeks. We are very excited. Piper will be riding down to Nashville with us to pick him up!


  1. Very very sweet! Have you looked at the "toy" size collars? Fenway's kept falling off too, and the toy ones were a bit smaller than extra small and seemed to fit better. I can't wait until his little neck gets bigger and we can pick out a new one!

    She is super super cute, and C's drawing of her is simply precious!

  2. OMG! She is SO SMALL!!!! How cute that her collar slipped behind her front leg! :D (I don't know if they even MAKE collars that tiny!) Haha.

    I ADORE that first picture...look at that happy little face and tongue hanging out!! PRECIOUS!!

  3. OH! And I love C's drawing! He's so talented!

  4. She is SO little!!!! :) I LOVE her!!! And did you say she woke up at 4:30 am? That's early. Or wait, was it PM? That's not here yet. I'm confused.

  5. Awww, this brings back memories of when we got our little Baby.
    Mom and I have been cooing over Piper. She's so sweet looking!

  6. oh she is makes me want to get one for Mado...what's this walnut hill kennel all about???