Sunday, August 9, 2009

our story.

I never thought my life would turn out like this. Really. This whole military-puppy-Virginia thing is not what I had pictured.

I somehow pictured me as a nurse at the Medical Center, married to Mark, who was doing something with his German degree. And we would be nestled here in our hometown, surrounded by friends and family.

When we began dating, Mark wanted to be a German translator. This was like the weirdest thing in the world to me. Foreign languages to me are, like, foreign languages.

But then he wanted to open his own climbing gym. Because he likes climbing. I didn't. I've never tried it, and I'm not sportsy at all. I would prefer to stay at home and bake him a cake. That's just me, and we're fine with it.

And then suddenly he brought up the idea of the Air Force. I immediately said no and squashed his dreams. Afterall, this was my life I was thinking of! I certainly didn't want to move around my entire life, be separated from my family, and be separated (at times) from him! No way jose! Nuh uhh. Not happening!

But he brought it up again.

And again.

And I realized that maybe he really did want to join the Air Force. So I listened. We researched it and eventually made an appointment with the recruiter. I distinctly remember Mark leaving for a minute to go do something, and I was left alone with the recruiter. And he asked me, "So why do you two want to join the Air Force?" I was speechless.

"Um... Well... Because we think it would be a good opportunity.. ahem.. Yeah.. It would be fun and great..."

Heck if I knew. Why did we want to join the Air Force?! Out of the two of us, I am definitely more patriotic. I'm a hardcore conservative Republican who loves me some Bill O'Reilly and Glenn Beck. Serving our country like the good Kentuckians that we are wasn't exactly the top priority for us. In fact, if the truth be told, Mark just wanted to travel.

But I didn't tell the recruiter that. I thought maybe he would think that to be shallow or something.

Before I knew it, Mark was signed up. He signed a zillion papers, filled out a ginormous packet of information. Got checked out the wazoo to make sure he wasn't some kind of fellon criminal from the hood. Then he was off to Louisville to take his test which would determine the job he would have for the rest of his life.

Or until he got out of the Air Force, ya know.

And I remember being at work with my dear friend, Ashley. And waiting for his phone call to tell me which job he was given. I was so anxious. I was still thinking, "What the fudge are we doing?! The Air Force?! REALLY?!?" But I was already on the roller coaster, and there was no turning back.

And we haven't turned back. It kinda seems just like yesterday when Mark went off to MEPS and took his test. It kinda seems just like yesterday that I drove him to the recruiter's office, and he held me in his arms, and we cried together. It kinda seems just like yesterday when I just told him to "Go!" because I couldn't take it anymore.

And we are almost to the end of this journey. We are 16 days away from his graduation. We have come a long way. It has been a very long path. It has been very hard emotionally, but we are incredibly strong. We are so thankful that we have such a strong relationship early in our marriage.

I thought that the Air Force was going to be the worst decision on earth. I was so ready to turn him down on his dreams. I was so ready to insist that we live my dreams. But it turns out that we are living my dreams. And his dreams. And we are creating our life together. And we are immensly happy. And we only wish that each of you could have the happiness we have together in your own marriage.

Be careful to listen to your spouse's ideas, feelings, and dreams. Because even though you think they're no good and that you know better, you might be wrong. I'm glad I listened to my heart instead of my head. We both are.

I love you, Mark! You are truly my prince charming.


  1. thats an amazing truth. I love you sweetheart, our big hill on the roller coaster is almost over with! you are my everything. kisses honey

  2. I love this so much. You guys are precious. :)

  3. Absolutely precious and so right on so many levels!! God has blessed you both with each other and a deep, undying love. I can't wait to see what awesome things the future holds for you guys!!
    Love you!!

  4. AW, YOU ARE SO ADORABLE! All I want to do is say, "I love you guys!" and give you hugs! I hope you realize that you two are so strong and that is such an inspiration to us. :D I'm so glad you two are in our lives!

  5. That was a beautiful post and eye opening ;)

    I am really enjoying your blog...I'll be following.


  6. That's a very astute observation for a wife to make so early in marriage! God certainly blesses us for that, huh? He's so good like that. :)