Saturday, August 15, 2009

Piper's big scare

When we took Piper to the vet on Monday, I noticed that she didn't really like the car ride. This was unfortunate, because I've heard stories from Brittney about how her dogs love the car. Not mine. Mine wiggled and squirmed the whole way. She climbed up my neck like she was escaping a Rottweiler. Not a fan of cars, I thought.

Remember the cute little puppy carrier I bought for her to ride in? So cute. I thought surely she'd love it. I planned a cute little trip to my dad's golf course (at the park) for her to enjoy! I put her in her little tote and off we went. My mom held her in her lap and my mom petted her and talked to her the whole way.

We arrived and then all hell broke loose.

I let her out of her bag and she started walking backwards. How cute!! I thought. Except she didn't stop. She kept walking backwards. Then she started shaking uncontrollably. Almost like a seizure.

I picked her up and her mouth was gagging, and she was making horrible noises. I sat her down in the shade and started to seriously panic.

Then my mom says, "What's that white stuff around her mouth!?"

Foam was everywhere. She threw up in the bushes and then started foaming at the mouth uncontrollably. She kept on gagging, and she kept on shaking. At this point I was frantically crying in front of the golf club house.

I was seriously sure she was dying. She couldn't walk. All she could do was foam at the mouth and shake. It was HORRIBLE!!

Eventually she stopped, walked forward, and ate her vomit.

Ahh, that's my girl.

A few minutes later, she went poopie. I knew she wasn't feeling well when she pooped and walked away. Without even trying to eat it! She really must have not felt well to resist a free, warm snack!

Anyway, this is awful, horrible news. First of all, we are going to Nashville to pick Mark up in 11 days. Second of all, we're driving 11 hours to our new home on September 12th. Third of all, we plan to take her to the beach a lot. Which requires more driving.

What on earth will I do!? I know they sell sedatives, but will I always have to give her them!? Shoot, she'll need a shot of Demerol or something to make it to Virginia! Help. If you have any suggestions, they'd be greatly appreciated. I do have a Westie book, and it says, "Most Westies love car rides. However, some get car sick." .... They don't really go into detail about what to do if you get one of those dogs.

Help. I feel very, very bad for her. She has many long car rides ahead of her. They are coming up very soon. Sigh.

But after she recovered, she was happy again...

Aren't her little Westie ears precious?

On the way home, my mom drove and I held her tight. She did much better.

In other news, Christine is babysitting my nephews tonight. I can't wait to hear the stories!


  1. Bless her little baby heart!!!! Maybe your vet could give you some tips or a prescription? I've never heard of anything like that before. I wish I knew more of how to help, but I'd definitely give your vet a call on Monday to see what they have to say. Glad she's feeling much better!

  2. She's a puppy. (I.e. Baby) she has to
    get used to it. Don't worry though, she'll come to love it if she's in it long enough.

  3. I agree with Paige. Since we don't have experience with that, I'd definitely give your vet a call!

  4. Yeah. I'm with Paige. [and Brittney] Call your vet. :) and boy do I have some stories. Your nephews are SO CUTE. and C is hilarious.

  5. oh my goodness that's the saddest story!! i hope you guys can figure it out and your poor pup can get used to the car and such... :/


  6. All of mine took a few times to get used to the car too. Mine shook, puked, and even pooped in the car from being nervous at first. But they all grew out of it and now loooove the car. I would ask the vet about the foaming at the mouth part though, because it might not be related to the car ride.