Saturday, August 8, 2009

it's a hard knock life...

... for us me

It's hard to think that the stomach virus miraculously skipped you (for once in a freakin century) and then be unpleasantly surprised by feeling nauseated beyond belief.

It's hard to trade places with your computer chair (alternately called Date Chair) for a spot in front of the toilet. For 7 hours.

It's hard to lay there and puke your guts out (OH, and poop your guts out too!) until 3am.

It's hard to see a millipede scamper by you in the bathroom at an unknown speed (perhaps the speed of light? Not sure.) and be too sick and weak to try and kill it. Darn those things can RUN!

It's hard to miss taking your brand new puppy out at 5am (even when I heard her crying) because you're too weak to get up.

It's even harder to see poop in her cage (when she's never pooped in her cage) and know it's all your fault for not getting up when you heard her cry.

It's even harder (and more pathetic) when you sit on the front porch in nothing but a t-shirt, with undies exposed, and bawl at 6am in the morning. However, it is comforting when your Westie puppy notices your sorrow and places her little head (not any bigger than a peanut) on your leg for comfort.


So, I've been out having fun, as you can see. Not much has happened lately. Besides losing the 5 pounds I gained on the July trip to Texas to see Mark. There's my silver lining, folks.

In other news...

-Clayton threw up 15 times from this virus, so he missed a day of school. He received a note home from his teacher saying that all the girls really missed him. Especially Lydia (the wife). The teacher then wrote that it is "SO cute" how Clayton and Lydia hold hands.

Later he told me he also rubs her hands "like this" (and showed me a petting motion on his hand)

-Hudson is walking like a champ. Like the crappy, sick aunt that I've been, I've failed to capture this on camera. But hopefully by Monday I will be 100% and my Canon Rebel will be attached to my neck!

-Mark and I have 17 days left to endure before he graduates. We like to think of it as: 2 and a half weeks. Smaller numbers make things seem not-so-bad.

-Sadly, I've decided to make our going-away cake instead of buying it. I will be making a 3 layer red velvet cake with cream cheese icing. I bought an Air Force cake decorating kit from Amazon -which includes a large edible emblem of the Air Force, along with about 25 edible candy-like thingies (stars, flags, etc.) Then I will either make my own blue icing and create my own piping bag or I will buy blue icing from the can at Kroger. I'll pipe circles around the edges of the top and bottom. This will create a red/white/blue effect (red cake, white icing, blue icing). I am so patriotic, I know!

-Our light bulb and airplane cookie cutters came in, along with our going away balloons. Everything is all set.

Now, I'm going to go spend time with my husband, lay down, and just survive. That's really all I'm interested in doing until August 27th.


  1. I'm SO sorry you've been sick. :/ I am glad to hear, however, that you are doing a bit better.

    Isn't is just adorable how puppies know when you're sad and try to make you feel better?! Aw!

    I am REALLY excited about your par-tay!

  2. Feel better soon! I feel like a mom when I wanna say keep pushing fluids I don't want dehydration to hit you on top of everything else uggh virus' suck! But yes feel better and 2 and a half weeks left that's amazing!


  3. I need to start reading your blogs sooner so I have something better to comment than "Ditto to everything Brittney said. Exactly"

  4. Feel better Shannie! Viruses suck!! And guess what! You are almost to 3x5!!! :)