Monday, August 17, 2009

Not Me Monday!!

Hey ya'll!!! Guess what?! It's MONDAY! We are now 9 days away from the BIG day! It still hasn't hit me yet, and we still don't believe that he's coming home. But not only are we celebrating our 9 day coundown, but it's also Not Me Monday! My most favorite blog carnival - a chance to air out all my dirty laundry for all you crazy hooligans to sniff read. Don't be embarrassed - just tell it like it is! And don't forget to visit MckMama's blog to see one heckuvah cute picture of Nuggey. And read about what she has not been doing, too!

As you may recall, Piper wakes me up at the crack of dawn. So Sunday, I got up around 6am and had a bowl of Fruity Pebbles while she napped. I love Fruity Pebbles. But when my dad asked if I wanted to go get breakfast with him, I did not say SURE!! Let's go!!! ... and I most certainly did not have a full plate of scrambled eggs, a pile of bacon, and hashbrowns covered in ketchup. That would be really unhealthy, and no one needs to eat all that food before 9am. Plus, I only eat healthy foods.

That afternoon, we took Clayton to his first Junior Bible Quiz function: a pool party! It was fabulous. He was really enjoying himself in the water. There was also a super cool slide. Being the great aunt that I am, I did not whisper in his ear that he should go down backwards on his belly. Um, that might be unsafe. I would never tell my nephew to do something unsafe like that!!! (Note: He never got the courage to do it! So I'm off the hook, k!?)

If you remember my post about the Yankee Candle lip balm, you know I love it. However, since I've fallen in love with the chapstick, it's gotten a wee bit popular in the area. Scratch that. WAY popular. So popular that they've been sold out for over 3 weeks. One of the employees told me they would definitely be getting a shipment in TODAY. I have been planning this trip to the mall for over a week. And I've been really excited (Just ask Mark, Brittney, or Christine!). So when I went today and found out that they still had no lip balm and had no earthly idea when a shipment would be coming in, I did not get really annoyed. I did not get so annoyed that I decided a little shopping would ease the pain of the lack of lip balm in my life. I did not buy a shirt at American Eagle and a tanktop, bracelet, and necklace at Learner instead. That would like add up to a lot of money, or something. I mean, I try to save every penny I can. So I would definitely not do that.

Oh, and when the employee suggested I drive to Nashville to get the lip balm, I did not think to myself how outrageous it would be to drive AN HOUR for *lip balm* ... I am addicted, but not that addicted. I guess I will have to stick to regular chapstick until Yankee Candle gets a move on it. Seriously, why am I not working for their company?!? Sheesh.


I've come to realize that we did not get a Westie puppy, but actually got a baby white fox.

We often play outside. A lot. Our little white furball loves to romp around and explore our backyard. So I did not let our baby girl, all fluffy and cute go from this:

to this:

I would never let her get drenched in her makeshift water bowl, go dig in the mudd, and come out looking like one hot mess. I'm a good mommy, and I keep our Piper clean as a whistle! Plus, she is a total lady. And nasty things like dirt, mud, and bugs are out of the question for her.

But seriously though, doesn't Piper bear an uncanny resemblance to this baby white fox!?


  1. haha. she does look like that fox! way cuter, though. that fox is ALMOST creepy. it kinda reminds me of a opossum. I don't know why.

  2. hehe!! The fox's right eye (our right) looks kinda.. creepy.. like a cyclops! :D

  3. haha. YEAH! That must be what makes it look weird. Pipe is MUCH cuter. :)

  4. Hopped over from MckMama's. So happy to hear your hubby is on his way home. Thank you so much for his service and to you for your service back at home so he can protect us.

  5. yay for only 9 days left!!

    and your puppy is so cute!! she's so tiny!

  6. Hey ace...why don't you order your lip balm on line??? It's definitely there!!

  7. Cute Not Me post. Your puppy is so cute. We have two big Golden Retrievers and there are days when I think a small dog would be nice.

  8. hey shannon, your dog is too cute. i love little whit puppies. i noticed it's collar is huge. we had to use a cat collar for a while on our dog till it got to be about a year old. you may try it if you want to gether out on a leash and not slip out, it works great. :)