Thursday, August 13, 2009

Things that I'm looking forward to when I get home

When I get home I look forward to:

1. Making sweet love to my wife
2. Driving around (in my new car)
3. seeing family
4. eating food that isnt from the Dfac
5. knowing that I'm not at sheppard afb
6. playing with my new puppy
7. getting ready to move to my new base and home
8. having a great going away party
9. hanging out with friends
10. going to church
11. buying a gps
12. well more gadget shopping
13. making more sweet love with my wife
14. o yea cooking with my wife for the party
15. going out on dates with my soulmate


  1. LOVE IT!! :) I, too, am looking forward to ALL those things! especially seeing how Piper will react to you.. seeing as how she only loves me :\

  2. Cute cute cute!! :) I love this. The countdown is FINALLY almost over!!! :) yay marriage! Yay living together. :) Im so excited for you guys I could burst! Oh, and PM, you forgot to be excited about the going away gift basket from meee!! :) it's ok though, you obviously have important things to be anticipating. You know, like being with your wife!!! :D

  3. Awwww this is so sweet! LOVE it!

  4. Emily:

    So, Christine told me that her friends were your friends and that I could read your blog and comment and you wouldn't judge me.

    So let me just say this is the sweetest thing I have ever read. You are totally an inspiration! Such a great wife! I hope I can be one day, too!

    Also I'm so excited for you that he's coming home SO soon!!!

  5. aww, thanks :) I kind of thought that him writing about making love to me MIGHT freak yall out and cause you to run away. But, ahem, apparently everyone understands :)