Tuesday, August 4, 2009


EDIT: It turns out that my nephew actually asked a girl to marry him today on the first day of school. I thought he meant he knew which girl he wanted. But no. He actually proposed. On his first day of preschool.

And she said yes.

Today my nephew trotted off to his first day of preschool.

although it really just seems like he was off to 2-year old preschool ...

and that's 2 for 2-years old! Not a peace sign. We ain't like that.

but then he was off to 3-year old preschool.

Today I picked my nephew up from his first day, and he announced that he had found a wife.

Today he discovered that some children don't know their colors and letters. He was shocked.

Today, my baby nephew had a really bad day full of vomiting, exhaustion, and sadness.

Today I woke up at 6am and was cleaning up baby puke by 7.
But that's okay.

Today he went through so many outfits that we had to let him sit in his diaper and wrapped in a towel.

Today I took him to the doctor, having had no shower, and I went in the shirt I slept in.

Today I dug in my purse and found the perfect toy: Mark's carabiner and keys.

Today I let him suck on those keys. Even though that is germy.

Today I felt like crying because of these sad little eyes:

He's doing much better now. Thank Heavens! Today was also a VERY important day for Mark and me! I'll reveal our big surprise on Thursday. However, when you read our exciting blog post, you might decide that it's a rather small surprise, actually.

Stay tuned, because BIG things are coming our way! Or small things. However you want to look at it.


For Tinker and the rest of you who care about my baby nephew: He was throwing up from 6am until noon. At one point he fell limp in my mother's lap, and his head fell over, and his eyes closed. I had to shake him to get him to open his eyes. At that point, I was FRANTIC. I was about to cry. So I insisted that he HAD to go to the doctor then. We were initially going to take him to the ER but settled on the pediatrician. He was checked for appendicitis, and he didn't have it. The doctor doesn't think it was a stomach virus, because he didn't have a fever or diarrhea (or any BM for that matter). Finally, the doctor discovered that he had a bad ear infection and thinks that he might have been in so much pain that it made him nauseous with vomiting.

We don't really know. and I still don't know what the limp/no-response thing was earlier in the day. It scared me to death. I'm really REALLY glad he's okay. And that it's nothing major.

And now, please pray for my family (and especially me - I have no immunity) that we won't get the puke virus. Like Kate Gosselin says - if we get sick, we're out of commission. and we have babies to take care of!

...and I have big things coming my way, remember? This is no time for sickness!


  1. Bahahaha...I can't wait to see the Thursday post. ;]

    I am SO glad H is okay! I was really scared when you told me what was going on. :[

    And C is SO big! OMG!

  2. I know, he's a doll!

    and note that his polo shirt has his blog name on it. "C" :D

  3. Big surprises that are also "small" surprises? Hmmm......

    I kinda hope it is what I'm thinking, but not going to say it out loud :)

  4. wow. i'm pretty sure that i was going to say EXACTLY what brittney said. In that order! :)


  5. Ok, this marriage proposal has got to be the CUTEST thing I've ever heard of!

    Seriously, I can't stand the suspense! Christine, Brittney, vote with me for an EARLY morning post!!!